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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to reproduce same noise pattern which originally created by blender. In original video(@00:01:40), author used Mapping node to manipulate UVs. In houdini, I tried UV Position VOP node but unfortunately can't get reasonable result. Thanks for any help Cheers NoisePatternTest.hiplc
  2. In this case , I have made 3 different DOP Group Nodes to represent 3 different RBD objects , and connected RBD State Node to each other. If I have a ton of RBD object , how can I separate each others(does any method exist that allow to use such like SOP's ForEach node in DOP)? Thanks in advance untitled_02.hipnc
  3. Hi guys Is there anyway to get a whole geometry/object from selected points/primitives? I have tried “group” SOP , but it seemingly only can transfer points <-> primitives bidirectionally(Edit Tab) Thanks in advance
  4. Maybe you should check your camera setting in MAYA before package the whole scene into a FBX file. In my own experience , "Film Gate" and "Fit Resolution Gate" usually cause the minor differences if you try to export Camera from MAYA to other DCC software.(It's really annoying ) Could you post your "Fit Resolution Gate" and "Film Gate" here , maybe I can help you figure out.
  5. Hi there , I have spent several days on a experimental project(for practicing). I attempted to do is , try to find a way that can fill & generate objects in a reference object(for instance inside a cube) without any penetration or any intersection with each other. I used a “iso offset node” and “scatter node” to achieve generation of random points in a cube , then sent all points to a ”VOPSOP node”. I concerned a algorithm for VOPSOP , see below for (i=0;i<pointCount;i++) { if i.color !=<<1,1,1>> { for (j=0;j<pointCount;j++) { if distance(i,j) < radius && (i != J) { j.color = <<1,1,1>> } } } } And here is my SOP Network and VOPSOP Network. Maybe I did completely wrong ,hope someone can point it out. Thanks in advence Volume_03.hipnc
  6. Try to find a way that can avoid objects overlapping each others base on object's radius. Built a simple network inside VOPSOP , but it seems not work correctly Here is my VOPSOP setup Thanks in advance ScattePoints_02.hipnc
  7. Thanks a lot , even inspired me that have a other way to achieve this effect by using channel reference , I will try it later. That's really helped me
  8. Hi there everyone What I want to do is try to emitting particles from a object that textured by a Ramp Shader , and the particles will be emitted from while white area pass through. I assume the “vopsop” or “attribcreate” can help to achieve that , but I'm completely new to houdini , even I spent a lot of time for searching document and old posts, try to figure out which expression or VEX node that can do this. I have tried such like “ch() , shopstring() , pic() and etc...” , but still get stuck Appreciate for any suggestion or help. Thanks in advance. textureMapping_01.hipnc
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