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  1. Got a little further, seems I'm on the right track. Thanks for those links Tesan but that was all a little over my head. Incase people are looking for something similar: Unreal FInal.hipnc Kindest regards, Chris
  2. Thanks again Tesan, I'll take a look! Kindest regards, Chris
  3. Thanks Tesan, I appreciate the help, but it doesn't work? Feels kinda like cheating... I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong... Groups by Attribute.hipnc
  4. Not sure if we are allowed to bump but bump
  5. EDIT: Just doing a clean up; So I'm looking to import CFD data in order to drive a particle simulation in Houdini. So far I've managed to import the data through the Import Table Node. Get position values from 1 ID Group according to all ID's and even for one instance animated a sphere along the point positions of 1 group. 1 ID value. Does anyone know where I should be going from here? Which node groups I should be looking at? What would be my ultimate goal would be to use this data tot drive a particle simulation, eg each id relates to a particle and it moves along the corresponding positional and velocity information contained in the CSV. As always any and all help is greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Chris Particle_Test_CFD.csv