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  1. Modeler 2020

    Feature request. I am sure you have a lot of features requests, but maybe others have asked for this. In Houdini, to move the Pivot point for the Rotate, Move, and Size tool the procedure is not very fluid. It takes 3 manoeuvres. You have to hit "insert" move the tool then deactivate it before implementation. A slow process In other modelling programs you just have to LMB click in the 3D Space and the tool moves to that location ready to rotate, move or size by dragging, which is much more fluid where modelling is concerned. Please see video. Thanks My_Video3.mp4
  2. Modeler 2020

    Just some feedback from a new user to both Houdini and Modeler not a new user to CAD. Having played around with it for a while I am so please that you have developed this as a decent modeler within Houdini was lacking and it was the one thing that stopped me moving over to Houdini, so for me this is a great step in the right direction. I really think more people would start to use your Modeler if there were some proper step by step video's that go into detail each part of Modeler and one that guides you through using the app to build a model from scratch. I know you have produced some videos, but they feel more like showreels to show the potential of what it can do rather than a hand held walk through for the many that will need it. Just my two cents.
  3. Modeler 2020

    Thanks. Working now.
  4. Modeler 2020

    Sorry for this basic question. I am new to Houdini. The installation instructions state.. Where is the preference folder? I can only find these folders.. (Please see image) Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Modeler 2020

    Ditto... + 18.5 and the Apprentice version?