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  1. Hi I am a 3D environment student here I have a problem making that mountain I attached... I am planning to create a rocky bumpy mountain first for the base and then add moss parts and lastly add the ground. So far, I created a base mountain and it's not pretty as well but it is fine, the problem is the moss part.. I tried to scatter sphere and convert VDB, but that seems like more snow and flat ( I explained the pic attached ) Also, I merged HF projected with blur mountain it also very weird.. Is there any good way to get that result? (edited) Or am I doing a good way?...!
  2. How to make marble texture

    Hi folks, I am a beginner and interested in 3D environment. I would like to create a scene that kind of shape that soft and marble geometry But I don't know what kind of ways should I do for the scene. Could you please recommend some way to get there