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  1. Hi all Houdini masters and users, I am using Houdini with Arnold, I created textures from Substance painter and those color looks really different in Houdini arnold render... So, I used to use color correct and adjust color myself to match but nowadays I have so many tasks there is no time to match every time. it's really pain in the ass.. In addition, Im using ASCES LUT for substance painter. however it still different Is there any LUT for match them? Thanks
  2. Hi I am a 3D environment student here I have a problem making that mountain I attached... I am planning to create a rocky bumpy mountain first for the base and then add moss parts and lastly add the ground. So far, I created a base mountain and it's not pretty as well but it is fine, the problem is the moss part.. I tried to scatter sphere and convert VDB, but that seems like more snow and flat ( I explained the pic attached ) Also, I merged HF projected with blur mountain it also very weird.. Is there any good way to get that result? (edited) Or am I doing a good way?...!
  3. How to make marble texture

    Hi folks, I am a beginner and interested in 3D environment. I would like to create a scene that kind of shape that soft and marble geometry But I don't know what kind of ways should I do for the scene. Could you please recommend some way to get there