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  1. RBD of an animated imported object

    Thanks for the reply! Yeh at the end I followed your advice and it works. We are making a full CG short film for my last university course and in this scene the break has already occurred and therefore this has made my work easier. For the collision, perfect, it happens right thanks! After that I added small pieces of wood by copying them onto the spawned pops from the fracture. Thank you very much for your availability!
  2. RBD of an animated imported object

    Hi guys, I have a big problem with destroying an external object (a shield) that contain an animation. I've imported it as alembic. I've timeshifted it at the first frame, then fracturated the shield. Attatched this part to the first input of the point deform node, in the second the rest pose of the shield and in the third one the animated geo. The purpose of the rbd simulation is only to fracture a little part of the shield as the shield had been hit by an ax. To achieve that, I've painted where the ax would it and make this mask attribute equal to active attribute for the sim; then assemble it. Basically what happens is that when the pieces are falling down and even if they are flying, they move according to the shield animation. Maybe ther is another way to prefracture it and give it the same animation.. maybe with a vector and copy to point to it, but i don't konw .... I'm really stuck.. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! I've attached the file of what happened. Thank you in advance for the attention! Fracturing_Shield.hipnc scudo.abc
  3. Glue constraints over Multiple Objects (copied on particles sim)

    Yes, that's right, all correct! Thank you very much for replying. Fra_pop_copysphere_and_rbd_.hipnc
  4. Hi, I'm quiet new in this big world of Houdini, i need help. The project consists of creating spheres on the points extracted from a pop simulation and then destroying them. The problem I encounter is that when I put the glue on different spheres it seems that it creates the glue on all the broken pieces. It could be the fact that in the assemble node, it considers those points as a single geometry, but I don't know how to divide those points as unique entities and then apply the glue only on the individual spheres and not on all of them as a single object. Thank you in advance for your attention and any help. I attach the file below. Thanks a lot! Fra_pop_copysphere_and_rbd_.hipnc