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  1. Object collision

    odforce upload.hipnc
  2. Object collision

  3. Object collision

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could shine some light on where I am making my mistake within my pipeline? Currently just trying to make my object destroy my said geometry but its pre-breaking before contact? wondering if its because I am not using glue constraints correctly(have tried to use that way) but can't seem to think of what I am doing incorrectly? My next question is offsetting the timer, I have gone into the rdb nodes in the image below and ticked boxes around the creation frame, but it doesn't offset it as it makes it disappear from my scene until the new selected frame. Help is high appreciated as this is contributing to a final grade!!
  4. collide particle

    Depends on what your planning on doing, you can always make them into pop objects and emit particles through them that way. this video is a good example off what to follow if your not sure. But from the dopnet set up it follows a very similar process to what you already have
  5. hrender exist with exit code 1

    This is actually occurring to me now but I am just trying to look at it within a Mplay render? Is there anyway to fix this in the 18.5 version?
  6. Hi, just colliding geometry to do for a university project. But when trying to offset the timer within the DOPNET, and also ticking the 'creation frame specifies simulation frame' it makes me objects disappear? they then reappear at the new selected frame? any help would be really appreciated and I can post my file to if needed!
  7. Creation frame help

    Not sure if use are still active within the forum, but I am trying this in 18.5 to offset my timer but its making my geometry disappear then appear at the set timer, instead of staying there? Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  8. Expression in Point Cloud Open?

    I am actually having a similar issue pathing my point sop (18.5 version) into the point cloud texture. the input I am using is the following --- op:'opfullpath("../../point1")' --- which is the one being used in my tutorial but it doesn't link up correctly therefore preventing me from getting my final result? Is there any method round this now or is it a similar method to the responses above?
  9. Hi, I am following a tutorial from 'FX PHD' and I am creating a fluid tornado for a university project. Over time the nodes have changed so I have tried to research different ways off making my project work and now I am at a stand still with it and currently can't find a fix. I am having issues with the add node within my POPVOP as this is supposed to make a vacuum and funnel my particles upwards. I feel that this may be due to the wrong input for my file information going into my popvop but I am not sure due to me still learning the program. I would appreciate any help regarding this and any input/ideas I can go forth and try solve this with. https://www.fxphd.com/details/491/ I am currently on class 7! My PIPELINE (oriental Long curve) There pipeline is the one with the 'Old point VOP'