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  1. Hello, I am currently trying to create a terrain using TOPs. However, some of my HDAs created for it use camera data via the ndc VEX function, for example all scatter points outside the camera angle are deleted. But now when I add this HDA to my TOPs workflow, the camera is not recognized, and Tops takes Default Camera Values instead (See attachments). Is there a way to make the HDA processor recognize the camera data? example.hipnc examplewithHDAs.zip
  2. Yes, I have already tried the Labs Tree Generator. However, I have not been able to achieve the desired results. Since my focus is also not on the creation of vegetation and I also have some time pressure, I decided to buy already created trees. Since there are several possible suppliers here, as already mentioned, a tip would be helpful.
  3. Hello, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis, in which I try to generate a procedural alpine landscape within Houdini. For this, however, I would still need European spruces (Picea abies), which I would like to acquire from an external source. However, the selection of trees on the internet is extremely large and confusing, which makes me unsure what would make the most sense in terms of quality and price. Does anyone know of a source or website that sells high quality trees suitable for Environment creation in Houdini up to about 200€? Thanks in advance
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