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  1. Mark did you ever finish the exporter to the CryEngine?
  2. getting dynamic arrays into shaders

    Just thinking out loud, how about attaching attributes to your particles and then transferring these upon collision on to your surface and pulling this into your shader? Haven't tried it yet. andre
  3. Siggraph 2004 - Report

    For all you out there that can't be here, just a quick update from the UG last night. New Houdini Escape now only $1995,- includes 3rd party render option, RScript and the HDK. The new dynamics system was demo'ed will get into Houdini sometime next year, but let me tell ya it rocks, I mean it kicks some serious behind. Definitely worth waiting for DOP's no more waiting for simulations to calculate, what was demonstrated (Cloth and RBD the first solvers, more on the way) was awesome, interactive fully integrated> Well I could just go on but wait for the SESI blurb or somebody more qualified for a detailed run down. As for the rest, well lets just say SESI done it again, nice venue, great bar and were are not just talking beer and wine but the whole range of booze (yours truly still trying to recover) and all free and the party Tuesday is still to come. Now for the Maya party, well lets just say it was rather dissapointing to only see one Houdini T-Shirt (your's truly ), but they did have drink vouchers. Any ways gotta go, hope ya all can make it Tuesday night or the next time around. andre
  4. Happy Birthday monsieurblack

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy birthday, Stremik!

    same here, Happy B-Day
  6. SIGGRAPH + Beer + you = FUN

    Hmmm, Beer? I just don't know, and there I thought you're all the elite of the elite, the best of the best .... Sure I'll be there at the UG, and the rest of it all, where and when do you want to meet up. Put a flower in your hair and we'll recognize you at the UG! andre
  7. Happy Birthday anakin78z

    Yeah, Happy Birthday
  8. actually we're using it for quite some time in production, you just need to keep track of your rib, but I'm glad it helped andre
  9. Hey Alex

    Happy Birthday. I guess I better start teaching my son (15 months old) Houdini, so when he's 4 he can get a job.
  10. you could write a simple rib file where you set the parameter and use this file in the pre-include render-tab in object mode.
  11. Houdini 6.5

    This is directly from Paul Salvini Chief Technology Officer at Side Effects Software who is London right now and spoke Tuesday night at Framestore. - SL support in VOP's so we can output Rman shaders, finally a great alternative to slim - online search function in the documentation and there was a third thing which I can't remember right now. The new release should come out very soon, a matter of weeks. Just thought I let ya all know. andre
  12. The ability to turn off VOP nodes, so they don't get evaluated, this may help a great deal in managing render passes. Or a context sensitivity within shaders.
  13. We are back on the air pe...op....le

    Thank goodness, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms
  14. Happy Birthday Jason

    Alles gfute zum Geburtstag und viel Glueck. All the best for your birthday and much luck. Andre
  15. well...

    And a very happy festive season and holiday to you.