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  1. created my collision group > blast > sort point > fuse point > add Then used a polybridge and that did the trick
  2. a timeshift set to $FEND in my case and an attribute copy fixed my issue. But I don't get why
  3. Hello guys, I hope my drawing is helpful. I would like to create some sort of membrane/wing. I have an animated plant geometry (represented by the cube) and I would like to create wings on each side. I thought of starting by creating a curve and meshing what is in between that curve and the collision surface but I don’t know how to make it work. Any clues? Thanks
  4. I noticed it was the attribute paint fucking up my File Cache. Does anyone understand this? Thanks
  5. I am not sure what is happening, but whether it is set on explicit File Path ($HIP/cache/$OS/$OS.bgeo.sc) or constructed (Base Name: $OS, Base Folder: $HIP/cache/$OS/$OS.bgeo.sc), the new File Cache keeps erroring, whether I use 'Save to Disk' or '...in Background'. It is driving me mad!!! Weirdly it worked somewhere upstream in my network, but that one I am talking about has a merge node feeding into it but I don't think that is an issue, at least it wasn't before. Is there a bug with the node? Cheers
  6. Thank you all for the answers. I thought it was a trivial issue and a simple wrangle would solve the pb but I was wrong hehe. I will experiment with what you all replied.
  7. I want to do what AntoineSfx tried to find out. Just recreate a geometry from points only.
  8. I noticed this afterwards, thank you. And also, if I am not wrong, the option is only present on the Pyro Solver Sop, not in Dop anymore (in houdini19)
  9. Hi guys, As per the title, I can't even check that box. My GPU supports it for sure... Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks
  10. I have selected the first points of some lines scattered around a tube like shape. I get what is on the image. I'd like to convert this into a polygon. You will tell me to just get the shape I used to scatter the line around, but to make it short, this is animated and the original tube shape doesn't move the same as the one you see in the picture (this comes out of a vellum solver) Hope I am clear. I could for example use a VDB from particles, but is there a node to just link all the points into a surface. A bit like a skin sop. Cheers
  11. @Dweeble yes indeed, just once, and potentially later again at another frame. But I have no clue if this is gonna fix my problem, this is just an idea to try
  12. Here is the full description of my issue with the hip file. I am generating a flip sim within a hollow VDB collider. That same VDB opens up at the top (ideally, I'd like the liquid to overflow from the top at some point), but for some unknown reason (possibly this VDB sign), the sim starts to get slow, and it stops filling up. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/80058/?page=1#post-343937 I am baffled by this issue. And couldn't get any clue as to what's not working so far.
  13. I am silly, I have to use a volume wrangle, but in the end, it doesn't do what I expected so whatever, this is not the way
  14. Thanks for your answer, I tried but it doesn't change anything. Is my attribute wrangle placed correctly? I tried 'run over points' and primitive in the wrangle) Where can I see the sign value in the geometry spreadsheet of my static object VDB collider, so I can see if anything changes? Cheers
  15. thanks again for this @ibamobt. your 2nd method produces an interesting result but the VDB is made out of particles, so it gets full of holes as it grows! But it looks rad! In your first method, you polyfill the shape, so it's closed, and it works. I forgot to mention that instead of having a closed shape, I want to thicken it so it stays open at the top, but the VDB would work because it is extruded/thickened. I am trying to fill this shape with liquid as it grows. But I am encountering a problem at a certain frame. It stops filling and gets extremely slow. I think this is because the VDB is starting as a closed and hollow shape with the liquid generated inside, then it opens up at the top, and it starts getting weird. I have no idea how to fix this, perhaps I should invert the VDB sign at this specific frame, I don't know, it is a bit beyond me. I also have to thicken as hell my VDB collision geometry, and it doesn't match my initial geo anymore, that sucks, and couldn't find another way around this! If you have some knowledge in flip sim or anyone else can help, that would be awesome. I have attached the hip file Thanks! test_liquid_inside_vdb.hip