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  1. @Librarian Voila !! Now I can move on https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ9wlsBnv-K/
  2. @TobyGaines here you go. It worked fine without the displacement along normals VOP node with one of my texture though. Cheers DEBUG_MANTRA_CRASH.7z
  3. @Librarian I restarted rendering from 217 and it seems to work. If I had known how a pain in the ass it would be to render, I would have stuck to using Touchdesigner! Sure I will post it
  4. @Librarian noooo it crashed at frame 217 well..
  5. @Librarian hahaha So more than 20h to render 250f.... fucking hell! And I can't even use a displacement map. And GTX 3080 is sold out, damn, I can't even upgrade my computer now
  6. @Librarian I removed the displacement along normal and it is working now! Oh god, all that time banging my head when the solution was quite simple. I added extra lights and have been rendering for 16 hours so far and this is around 80% complete... First time sleeping with a noisy computer on. Thanks for your help
  7. @Librarian easier to post the hda... vbdfrompscale.hda
  8. @Librarian ah yes sorry, I will re-upload the hip without using this. Thank you so much for checking it out
  9. Hello @Librarian Thanks for getting back. I am rendering a very simple Vellum tetrahedral sim. One environment light and another light. I am using a few principled shaders for the textures (what do you mean by 'proc'?). I have attached my file. I replaced the geometry with an oval shape and reduced the sim to 20 frames for simplicity. Otherwise, the rest is the same. It still freezes at frame 3. Regarding what you said about how much data uses a frame, I don't know how to answer that. Would be great to learn this as well. If you or anyone else can have a look, that would be fantastic, although I understand you have more important things to do. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello guys, This is after much research that I resigned myself to a call for help First, my mantra freezes my computer when I tweak some stuff and see the result in real-time in the render view. I was advised to pause the render every time I make a change because of my weak computer (AMD Radeon 580x, Ryzen 7 2700X 8 cores, 32GB RAM). This improved and it crashes less. Now that I finally managed to hit the render to MPLAY or render to disk, it freezes at some point. Last time it was in frame 3. I tried to render with .exr, .tiff and .jpg, it is the same problem. I tried to adjust the camera frustum, which I believe reduces the area processed during rendering. Really nothing works (to my current knowledge), and this is supposed to be my first render! How sad!!! It doesn't generate a crash report (I think) as it doesn't really crash but freezes, and I have to force shut down my computer, which I did dozens of time and I am wondering if this is healthy for my computer to keep doing... I will upgrade my computer but at the moment everything is sold out so I am waiting. Any tips? Thank you very much
  11. I figured it out (-shadow on my object in the render visibility) but now when I place another light that I linked to my background only, I see that it illuminates my other geo, the rays are probably bouncing back on my geo. How can I avoid this and have this second light only affect my background and not indirectly illuminates anything else? Cheers
  12. Hello guys, I have a sphere that I use as a background for my render in Mantra. I am using an environment light with an HDRI texture as a source of lighting. My problem is that my background blocks the light from reaching my geometry. I have tried using Light Mask and the Light Linker but without success. Any ideas? Thanks a lot
  13. @Librarian Thanks for your help Librarian. I will have a look at it. All of this seems really custom made though, I didn't realise I was asking for something Houdini couldn't do out of the box!
  14. Hello, I feel ashamed to ask this as it sounds so trivial but somehow I don't find any answer online, or I do not formulate well what I am looking for. I have cached my simulation but I do not figure out how to sequence together parts of it from different camera angle and then render it out all together. For example, I would like camera1 to record my sim from frame 1 to 50 and then camera2 record from frame 100 to 150 and sequence them together to create one animation sequence that I can send to Mantra. What is the proper workflow. I am really lost. I tried with a camera switch but this doesn't seem right. Thanks a lot guys