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  1. I want to mix the color output of the ramp with the color output of another ramp based on a certain color range. For example, the second ramp should only mixed in if the Cd value of the first ramp is less than 0.1 (the whites only). So I thought it would be possible with the color mix node but I don't know what variable to put in into the bias amount. Or is there another way?
  2. preserving uv space ....

    I have made a material for a simple ball. But it seems that the material changes if the geometry will be deformed. For a test scene I will be have soft body balls and want to use a procedural material with noise but the noise pattern should not change as you can see in the screenshots. It just should follow the stretching ball. I think it has something to do with the procedural material which I have put together. Would be great if someone can have a look. Thanks test.hipnc
  3. preserving uv space ....

    Hmm, so easy :-) I thought that the rest vop in the shader is doing the same as in the SOP context. Thank you
  4. Milk Shader

    But do I have access to the presets of the physicalSSS vop in the default surface shader?
  5. Milk Shader

    hm, it seems that the PhysicalSSS has more functionality than the SSS section of the surface model. If I use a Mantra Surface Node how can I easily implement the PhysicalSSS vop? I'm not a shader guy and wouldn't create a shader from scratch.
  6. how to ... spiral staircase

    I want to creat a procedural staircase. Has anyone done this and can help me? Thanks
  7. how to ... spiral staircase

    Thank's edward. That's what I'm looking for
  8. Visualisation of saved bgeo pyro cache

    For example, I have used the shelf tools to create a sphere and a pyro flame. in the DOP I/O I can export my simulation frames as bgeo. There is a DOP Import node which "get's" the visualisation from the DOP network. But, have saved my bgeo files and don't need the DOP anymore. How can I read in/display my visualisation data in the viewport?
  9. Visualisation of saved bgeo pyro cache

    Ah, thanks, I have used the volume viz node to after loading in the bgeo. So with that, I have also a colored representation in the viewport. Thanks a lot
  10. BulletSOP 2.0.9

    I've tried to install it as described on OS X 10.8.5 and Houdini 12.5.469. It seem's that it isn't recognized by houdini because I don't have the sop nodes and don't get any error message. Any ideas?
  11. Big News Next week!

    ... they are going open source ... COOL ... LOL
  12. object on each fur

    is there a way to copy a geo (for example a Tube) on each fur in a fur system and match the deformation from the furs?
  13. I want to simulate falling snow with particles and maybe with an attached mini-geo which makes pleasing snowflakes. I came up with the idea to displace the landscape incrementally for every particle touching the surface for a certain amount. So that the particles are just for the forming of the landscape and after that to make a nice render of a winter scene. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction or give me some hints to start with? Thanks
  14. brushed metal

    I would like to create a brushed steel material base on the mantra surface shader, or from scratch with the lighting model. Any suggestions how to create this procedurally without a texture? Thanks Thies
  15. Testers needed

    I will testing for you too
  16. Feather Tool

    looks great. You have developed it further and that's the power of houdini and the community. I also would dig into the file
  17. Calm Ocean Waves

    how far in developing are you with your ocean shader?
  18. I have a prefractured object which breaks appart in the way it is designed for (first hit). In the simulation the peaces should break automatic like in "make brakeable" for the second and third hit. So how would I do this?
  19. new user 1mill quistions

    It depends on how you are organize your scenes in general. They are lots of ways to do this. I organize my scenses with proper nodes and colors. I use takes only for the rendering part. Different lightning setups and passes, but of course you could do this.
  20. Houdini Classes @ Side Effects Software

    Oh come on, think of what you are talking about. :-) SESI has announced for a couple of weeks that they will record stuff from they local sessions and I have seen one of them and its good. They will never touch the bar with tutorials from cmiVFX or other resources which has grown in the past 1 1/2 years. Yes, Peter Quints short tutorials are very good, I like it very much but. What is actually out there concerning houdini tutorials you have stuff for month to learn and try. So you wanna learn? Go to cmiVFX, go to SESI, go to cg-masters.com .... and look in the forums in which people have put in they hip files.
  21. Houdini Hip Tricks Volume One and Two

    I agree with that too. In the last 2 years it was often enough that cmivfx was not reachable and I'm travelling a lot, so it is nicer to have the stuff on my machine which I have payed for. But that is only for bought tutorials. Nevertheless I have donwloaded the stream and was happy to have it on my iPad. If you have a subscription it is not easy, maybe impossible to allow customers to download things. One point which makes me really angry was a twitter message from chris, that he found some tutorials on warez sides and because of this, he has to raise the price of some titles. I don't know if it was a serious message but I thought it was so. Also cmiVFX invests a lot of money and infrastructure to get rid of people who put stuff on the internet for others for free, which I can completly understand but is it possible? I mean they have an underlying system (watermarking) for each video with personal data from the user but, oh wonder, however you see it on the internet. Brad Peabler from Luxology (modo) mentioned last year that it will ever impossible to protect you stuff from warez. Afterall I think that cmiVFX is a very good resource for high quality training and I like it and I have bought much of them and was never disappointed but please you are growing very fast and don't forget your roots :-)
  22. Houdini Hip Tricks Volume One and Two

    A really good training producted you have "created" varomix. The HOT section was very interesting for me 'cause I have made a project a while ago but failed. What I have missed in this section was a bit more about "foam" on ocean seas. Not only on crests or waves but foam on sea in general. Looking forward to see more of your "I love houdini" :-) Thanks
  23. another shading question

    Here is a little test scene. Just render "cam1" and look into the nodes. gradient_test.hipnc
  24. What the..???

    Hmmm, so I guess you would prefer it with maya? :-)