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  1. Animated Texture Redshift

    doesnt work with Arnold, anyone have any tricks to redshift or Arnold?
  2. remove geo created by solid conform node

    found any solution yet?
  3. 2021 update: barely any success with it. It simply restarts the sim at the last .sim file by deleting all existing pyro fields and starting the emission from there. Example: I have a sim from frame 1 to 300. Last .sim file is at F192, so I save from 193-200 with the file cache SOP. The Sim would start at frame 192 as expected but the bgeo cache files are super small. Upon Inspection it appears that all previous density data was deleted and the sim started emitting from 192. So for me it does actually work in making the sim start from the middle but what use is it if it doesnt continue with the exact data it had?
  4. any update to solving the problem with json packages? the only answer I get is to use the env method otherwise they have trouble together
  5. How difficult is it to learn Renderman?

    Arnold has higher quality volumes? does Renderman require alot of optimizations to match/ surpass the speed of Arnold?
  6. limit impact force for RBD bullet for animated colider

    I have a theory that might work, I did something that involved "impact" some time ago, try appending a SOP solver to the "post solve" of the RBD solver node. Inside add a wrangle to the impact input purple node, set the impact point attribute to a percentage of its original value, finally add an "OUTPUT" node.
  7. HDCycles (Cycles for Houdini) ?

    Solaris has some problems but I believe your question will be viable once we see the stability upgrade in Houdini 19
  8. here is something that was uploaded very recently from Epic themselves, ik its C4D but the concept is the same with Houdini. You can export to unreal or use the engine plugin to create what you want inside unreal without leaving the app
  9. Universal dynamic car rig

    3 years later and I am still looking at it, any updates?
  10. Ocean sample layer

    any update? I struggle with rendering Oceans in 3rd party renderers
  11. Buttons not loading in Houdini 16.0.557

    Same problem in H18.5, deleted config/Icons in C/Documents/ and it automatically generated new ones and it's working now
  12. Flat Tank and Arnold

    does having an "inside volume" workflow even correct? what do people use? just a simple shader? no duplicated volume for interior?
  13. Houdini Arnold Erorr

    Another revival 2 years later, facing same problem here
  14. Flat Tank and Arnold

    almost a year later and I got the same problem for months, Mantra/ Karma are extremly slow yet got the best liquid shaders I ever seen. Help replicating them in Arnold?
  15. same error with Wind force if I have part of the geometry pinned, thoughts?