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  1. Good old metal bending. Help with VEX

    Thanks a lot @Killswitch! As I was working with the sop rbdtools, for some reason, the approach did not work out. Solution was to setup a complex set of constaints for several prim groups. But, as I am so eager to learn and had an older version of my project that I built entirely in dop. I tested your approach as well. Took some time, but it worked. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I´m fairly new to houdini and been following some courses and tutorials over the past years. Recently I followed the below metal bending tutorial. Which gives a really nice result. In a current project I have a metal construction. Currently the Glue constraints break, switch to soft constraints. The VEX Code within the rbdbulletsolver turns the soft constraints back to glue constraints after a defined frame range. What I need is, when the constraints have a certain angular threshold they do not turn back to glue constraints or soft constraints. They should simply break and the pieces fall off. Unfortunately I can not share the project file. Hope anyone can help and has some advice. Thanks in advance.