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  1. Hard constraint angular motor

    v@condir = {0,1,0}; maybe this?
  2. Hard constraint angular motor

    откуда ты выцепил тему, что надо два вида констрейнов - на позицию и ротацию??? иначе не работает, как вообще до такого допер?
  3. Hard constraint angular motor

    а ты вообще че мутишь?
  4. Hard constraint angular motor

    try to set X Axis or Z Axis to 0.00000001? its working : ))) may be Y==1 not right due to something unnown???
  5. thanks a lot! examples are very helpful. promotion method rules!
  6. How can I group my points, if some of them have 3 or 2 or 1 vertex I need something like: pointGroup_$NUMBER_VERTICES_IN_POINT
  7. this is example from The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants. here & - Correction of segment orientation H due to phototropism T (& in Houdini - only one of turtle rotations) how can I implement this correction in Houdini? T-tropism in houdini - its only gravity but I need gravity & phototropizm. thanks!
  8. Lightwave .lwo reader SOP

    on Houdini 11.0.658 and 12.1.33 it does not working. on call asset and on load geometry gives a mistakes : ))
  9. UV-problem with stucco-like materials

    mangi, its not fixing problem... geo, thanks for your explanations. But answers generate new questions.. how can i convert such N-poligon to NURBS without changing geometry? i made something. that works in this example, but I think its not good, its crazy thing )) maybe I need modeling with NURBS from the beginning??? May be another, shader - solution? As i can see all displase shaders are equal with different type of noise, and all of them use parametric st. what kind of operators I need multiply noise to, to get result on my UV?? crazyNurbs.hipnc
  10. UV-problem with stucco-like materials

    I have a problem UV_global_local_problem_shader.hipnc