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  1. Hi all I am working with hydrodynamics at the moment and wanting to create a decent 'wet map' generating pipeline. Has anyone created anything similar (if so what is a good way to go about this) if not what would be a sensible starting point? cheers
  2. Fracture Test

    nice In response to my original request I have just figured it out and can't believe it was so simple......a user syntax error to blame i will post some results very soon cheers
  3. Fracture Test

    Sorry to hijack this thread but I am working on a similar type of personal project atm and have hit some difficulties. My main problem is generating debris from my lovingly hand cut complex geometry! How do I 'tag' the faces/edges I want to emit particles from using the Debris tool? Do I have to 'tag' custom groups in the source geometry and then access this data in the Debris too or is there a cleaner more eloquent way to do this? I have attached a REALLY simple file - a 'medallion' shape in a really simple network (glue object/gravity/floor/debris*) Can anyone help me out of my mental block? I have done most of the difficult (I think) thanks in advance *as of yet not performing! DebrisTest.rar