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  1. Vellum Force by Orientation or nearby Normal

    yes, finally got it working. the solution was to use a pop wrangle right before the popforce! i think the Vex thingy on the pop force cannot access attributes from outside. v@force = v@ForceDir; as Ryan kindly describes in this post, a pop wrangle is needed in dop to access attributes.
  2. Vellum Force by Orientation or nearby Normal

    so i figured out how to calculate a Force Direction Vetor for those balls points. right what i was looking for. but it still is not working as expected. do i miss something obvious in the force VEXpression? i even tried this: force = set(@ForceDirx,@ForceDiry,@ForceDirz); But the force values stay at 0.
  3. Hello As a Houdini noob i would appreciate any comments or hints on this: How can i apply a force for every balloon pulling against the direction of its string? I'm sorry for the messy setup, i'm still learning a lot. (i wasn't even capable of going the "for each" route to setup the initial state of the geometry...) BalloonTree.hipnc
  4. pscale by height

    thank you all! that's very kind. (and a lot to digest, as always :-) )
  5. pscale by height

    thank you very much for your inputs! @Librarian guess i need to have a look at qlib. thanks for the setup, i need some time to fully understand this, but it looks like sorting id by size. nice! @bunker & @jfaulkner i don't understand where to put that bbox wrangle... as i rotate the grid at the end of the node chain and pscale must be written before copy to points.
  6. Hello how can i rescale "pscale" by "P.y" when i transform the whole thing in the end? copy stamp? As i understand "pscale" must be set before "copy to points". i know i could move up the transform node, but for the sake of learning something new, i don't :-) thank you pscalepy.hipnc
  7. POP Force Mass Remap

    i see! thanks for the insight.
  8. POP Force Mass Remap

    Hello Everyone I noticed that many parameters have a "Use VEXpressions" checkbox and i try to understand them. In my example i would like to remap the mass of the pieces by VEX. Preferably using a Ramp! And all that inside the local VEX of the POP Force :-) So that there is a better distribution of pieces in Y. I can't make it work... should it?