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  1. @Atom Really appreciated.. I tried to find through the sites but I just only typed 'tetrahedron' and triangulate to find what I wanna achieve, so I couldn't find that thread..(I'm not that good at Eng... sorry) Anyway, it's really appreciated again. Thanks.
  2. I've setted up for infection growth effects, But extuding mesh like tetrahedron is the issue what I got stuck... I thought it is straightforward to achieve with using polyextude node, But When I change inset parameters on the node, It does not work anymore... I already watched Entagma's low poly transform tuts below this, But in that remeshed triangular mesh, I cannot handle the extrusion height like the gif reference.... Is there any tuts or hints for that? Any help would be really appreciated... Thanks
  3. @amin.khormaei Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hi, I'm new to houdini, and I wanna achieve this kinda look. I think it is made by pyro sim and convert it to mesh, But when I convert my pyro sim to mesh, it does not have smoky details like above. Just looks like chunk of particles. like this........... Hip file included. Any help would be really appreciated..Thanks!! PyroToVDB.hiplc
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to houdini, and I want to achieve looks like video in the link. I succeed to achieve similar animations and sims, but look dev does not look good... I've tried lot of times to make this look with 2d pyro. (Philipp pavlov who made this RnD scene told me that he made it with 2d pyro... But I'm not sure there's a rendering tricks hidden..) I used redshift render, (Phillip used RS too.) But my test image doesn't look like fluidish, just look like a flat 2d pyro. Is there any help for me? It would be really appreciated. hip file included. flip_sim_test.zip
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