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  1. Redshift Displacement with Instances

    OK thanks flcc, I guess I will need to try another solution.
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently rendering a large amount of assets in a scene which are instances of 4 objects. When rendering redshift gives me this error: My object uses adaptive tessellation, which isn't supported. Disabling tessellation. If you need tessellation, please use fixed tessellation settings: i.e. disable 'screen space adaptive' and set 'min edge length' to zero to force a maximum tessellation level I have adjusted the settings as requested but still my objects are not displacing properly, does anyone have any ideas/solutions to this issue? Many Thanks
  3. Redshift Displacement with Instances

    Thanks for the reply flcc, I do disable 'screen based tessellation' & set edge length to zero as the warning suggests but I still dont get any displacement happening at all. Is this behavior expected?
  4. Random Select within Group

    Hi anim, thanks for taking the time to reply, its much appreciated. I still consider myself a newbie to houdini even though i've been using it for 6months ;-) I feel your solution is completely correct but I just cannot figure out what steps to take next. The assemble node has given me the following in the geo spreadsheet: I am now trying to add these new random leaves to 4 different groups. My brain naturally steers towards group-range, attr-randomize, and a normal group node with '@leaf>####' - but I feel my thinking with houdini is sometimes completely off. What am I doing wrong? Many Thanks P.S.: Even with this whole problem, I feel that a 'group-random' node would work wonders. Select your point/primitive group and then adjust the random slider to select random parts of that group. I see that you have achieved 'Grand-Master' status - Do you know of any useful tutorials that could help me stop thinking like an artist and more in houdini terms?......I'm already subscribed to the following channels on YouTube: - Entagma - hipflask - Rohan Dalvi - houdini kitchen - simon houdini
  5. Random Select within Group

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue that I have never been able to solve in houdini. I have a bunch of leaves under the primitive group 'leaf' each made of 13 polys. How do I randomly select whole leaves in this group and add them to a new group....and can it be done without using VEX? At the moment, when I random select polys with group-range its just randomly selecting individual polys across all leaves. Thanks
  6. Houdini to UE4 HDA cook error

    Hi guys, I'm following a houdini (sidefx) tutorial and am getting a strange error in UE4 houdini engine when trying to run a simple test. I have two hda's, one for terrain and one with scattered points. I'm trying to get UE4 to replace those points with UE4 meshes using attr randomize and setting the mesh paths from UE4, very similar to this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zWLF_q5284&list=PL65uAWxiUNxEUnjlDagf7uo2eXOjzxBS7&index=5&ab_channel=Houdini [www.youtube.com] Here's my two subnet hda's, one for terrain and one for scattered points: This is the terrain subnet: This is the scattered points subnet: And this is the attr randomize node that I am using to replace the points with UE4 meshes once imported into UE: When I import this into UE4, I get this error: Cook Results: Geo (ID: 2709): /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1 No geometry generated! Cook State: Ready with Cook Errors =================================== Node Errors, Warnings, and Messages =================================== /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/maskbyfeature1: Error: Not enough sources specified. /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/maskbyfeature1/attribblur1/cl_compute_edgeweights1: Warning: Zero sized attribute, doing nothing. /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/maskbyfeature1/attribblur1/cl_smooth_generic3: Warning: Zero sized attribute, doing nothing. /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/maskbyfeature1/attribblur2/cl_compute_edgeweights1: Warning: Zero sized attribute, doing nothing. /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/maskbyfeature1/attribblur2/cl_smooth_generic3: Warning: Zero sized attribute, doing nothing. /obj/hda_scatter_1_2/hda_scatter1/points_trees: Error: Not enough sources specified. Any help would be appreciated, many thanks!