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  1. UDIM Island per Geo

    Just a little update if someone ask the same question. Finally, i find the solution by myself. Not... too complicated. I tried to use only 1x UV Layout node to place each geo group into one UDIM (1001, 1002, etc..) But.. it doesn't work. What's working is to use 1x UV Layout per Geo Group. ARMS_GROUP --> UV LAYOUT ARMS | UDIM1001 LEGS_GROUP --> UV LAYOUT LEGS | UDIM1002 Etc.. So... yeah.. beginner's question, but happy to found it. Thank you
  2. collide animated objects

    Hello ! If you don't want to use any simulation, you can just use Keyframes with a Transform node after your object for example. Do you know how to do that?
  3. Hello Everybody, I have spend my last week to understand the process of UV's/UDIM, and... check a lot of forum to find a solution to my problem... and nothing. I have a 3D Model of a puppet (3D Sculpting) import in Houdini in different object (Eyes, arms, legs.. etc). Very basic. I grouped each part and merge them. I worked on the UV. Mainly with "UV Flatten" nodes, and some AutoUV. I finish this part (not.. the most accurate work but.. this is for the idea) And i placed a UVLayout. Fixed Scale, UDIM activated. Perfect. But.. One thing i don't understand is.. : How can i say to "UVLayout" node, to make UDIM island for Legs, arms, eyes, etc.. ? 'Cause actually, for example, my UDIM 1001 have a one leg, and one arm. UDIM 1002 have the eyes, and one ear, etc... I tried to play with the Columns or Scale too. So.. i can use this to paint them into substance for example. it works. But once i want to re-import my texture (base color, normal, etc..) into my houdini material node... it's not working the way i want. For sure.. If i import my UDIM1001 in my material node, for the LEG Group, my arms will be affected too. So.. i thought.. If i try to make ONE UDIM ISLAND per Object (Legs, arms, etc) .. I can paint, and re-import my material into houdini, per group, without any problem.. I hope i'm clear. I think i don't use the right way to do this. Here's is my .HIPLC project under if you want to check and if it can help. Thank you! Main_Character.hiplc
  4. Hello ! So i tried to find a solution (my post is waiting to be approved yet). I thought it was an Octane problem, but it seems that it's more a houdini modeling problem. My rope was just a line (Sounds like the beginning of a pop song) I added a "Curve Surface" node to add some thickness to it. And now, Octane understand the object i think. I don't know if it's right, but it looks like it is. If someone have another suggestion i will be glad to hear it. But now... I'm in front of another problem. 1) I can't play anymore with the thickness of my rope after applied to it some vellum constraints/solver. So.. it looks like a rope (don't look too close...), but.. i don't like to have no control on it. If it's sounds... weird or complicated, i will find the solution, no worries. but more importantly : 2) My flag is no longer attached to the rope. It give me some weird shape (see attached picture under) I hope this post is in the right part of the forum ( i think it's more a Modeling problem now, but i wanted to give an answer to my post) And I hope that i was understandable. Thank you!
  5. Hello everybody, I'm new here, and i hope i'll be clear to explain you my problem. I made a moving flag on houdini. But now, i try to apply some material to it. But what happen is my material is filling the hole between the moving rope/flag and my flagpole. The Flag is made of two parts: - The rope (on the left in houdini screenshot) - The flag (on the right in Houdini screenshot) The two are merge together, and after i applied some vellum constraints, vellum solver and file cache. It worked with houdini/mantra material, but not with octane. I guess i'm doing something wrong. I let you some screenshot, hope it will help you. Thank you! Take Care