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  1. Vellum - Sponge/Foam behaviour

    I still have not found a satisifiying solution. Any Ideas?
  2. Vellum - Sponge/Foam behaviour

    Hey Guys, For the past two days I have been trying to recreate this shot in vellum (Starts at 7 Seconds): But I cant seem to get it close! First I tried just squeezing strut softbodies with geometry but I could not get them to stay in place or have the right behaviour, then I went the inflation route witch also did not work since foam does not inflate like a baloon and generally keeps its shape. I thought I had found the solution with a vellum rest blend, blending between the original and the scaled up geo (I attatched the file), wich kinda worked but I could not get it to behave like the video. If you guys have any Idea how to achive this It would be greatly appreciated! foam_squish_V01.hiplc
  3. Hi Guys, I am trying to animate a growth along a tube (Beginning to End) with the help of the shortest path node and I was wondering if there was a way to controll the spread. Right now it looks like Screenshot_1. One line always shoots out from the beginning and the growth spreads from there, wich is not wat I want. It would be nicer if the lines could crawl along the sides, always keeping the same pace. Id appreaciate if you could help me. PS: I am fairly new to houdini so please keep that in mind.