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  1. Human Rig w/ muscles

    The muscles are not accurate particularly in the shoulder and the back. There are not 4 muscles leading into the shoulder from the scapula on the back but rather 3. The Trapizus and the Latisumus dorsi are the most important 2 muscles on the back. I am posting some links to help you out. Think these will be very useful to you. Human Muscles and Bones Full Pictures Bone and Muscle Facial Bones and Muscles Cheers, Nate Nesler
  2. Rack Render

    Hey Jordan, That is looking really good and great job on the color bleed too. You might want to do some displacement randomization in order to break things up and make the scene not look artificially repeated. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  3. Dry Soil Cracks

    Very Cool Nice Work
  4. Smoke Test

    Hey Everyone, Yeah no problem I uploaded it into Houdini Exchange. Its called Layer Smoke Rendering Example in there so it should be easy to find. I filed it under scene files. Please understand this is Stage 2 of the the 2 step process in stage 1 you would have to make a particle or fluid simulation. If particle you would need to use either metaballs or voxels and then render out to the I3D format. Then this is stage 2 where you load in the I3D Model and my file shows some tricks to make it more interesting visually. I am sorry I don't know how to directly link to my uploaded file. Sorry for the trouble. Houdini Exchage Link: http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/ Cheers, Nate Nesler
  5. Technical Camera

    Hey terze, Man that looks so good you nailed it. I absolutely love it. 5 stars from me. Keep them coming. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  6. iRiver iHP-120

    I agree your modeling is looking very clean good work. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  7. Male Human Bones

    Hey Guys, Thought I would post some of the armor I made for him awhile back. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  8. Expressions_Machine

    Looks really cool and good job on the rendering. Do you have an animation of this? Cheers, Nate Nesler
  9. F/A 18C Hornet

    Hey Stu, Great work so far you are really nailing it down. I am sure when you finish it will be perfect like all your other models. Your a great modeler. I am loving your attention to detail. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see this finished Cheers, Nate Nesler
  10. Rack Render

    Hey Jordan Really good work man not just the rack but the buildings also a very good start. Really looking forward to seeing more. You are doing a great job. Great job on the lighting on the rack too. Maybe the rack should be placed in the Gallery? Great Work Again, Nate Nesler
  11. Smoke Test

    Hey Everyone, I have been playing around with Houdini 9 as of last night wow is it different than 8 I think I am lost most of the time but here is a render test I did in Houdini 9 for smoke based off of the example file they provided from SESI. Comments and Crits Welcome. Standard Smoke: Billowy Smoke: Wispy Smoke: 3 Layer Smoke Test with Standard Smoke Volume at its original size, Billowy Smoke Scaled a bit larger as a 2nd Layer, Wispy Smoke Scaled larger than Billowy and Standard Smoke Layers: 4 Layer Smoke Test with Standard Smoke Volume at its original size, 2 Billowy Smoke Layers Scaled a bit larger as a 2nd and 3rd Layer with the 3rd layer larger scaled larger than the 2nd layer, Wispy Smoke Scaled larger than Billowy and Standard Smoke Layers: This configuration should give totally matching results 100% when animated since they are all formed from the same volume I3D Data. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  12. Male Human Bones

    Thanks So Much ahmedyounis75_3d, I think I am jealous. lol I love anatomy and I have been wanting to work on bones and muscles, veins etc. I think I will be hoping back onto the bones and muscles again soon. I have more updates than these for the character work but I am not allowed to show them. lol So sorry I am afraid thats the way it is for now. I might get to show them in the future. Nice video I love the detail on the bones. My scapula certainly needs some real work. I am having a lot of trouble getting a good clear idea of what real bones look like up close. So that video helps so much. I am going to have to learn all over again how to get ZBrush 3 into Houdini 9. Houdini 9 is so different from 8 and fluids are so very different than Maya fluids when I first learned them when Maya first released them. Houdini's fluids are much better of course, but having a hard time wrapping my brain around them plus on top of all of the major interface changes in 9. I love 9 though I think its good they did all of the changes and very needed. Normal Map Test: Cheers, Nate Nesler
  13. Dop2xsi

    Hey Nico, Yes very cool I saw it up on XSI Base also made the front page. Its really good to see these 2 applications working together. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  14. Sprite Snow

    Nice job again man. Your really good. Thats awesome. Are you doing a physics based collision strength system for driving the particle birth rate? Very cool man. Cheers, Nate Nesler
  15. Motorbike

    Hey, Thats pretty good. Are you finished with it or do you have more to add to it? Cheers, Nate Nesler