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  1. Well thanks for that. I must have missed it. This is clearly written haha. So what I learned: The copy will always orient its Z axis with the normal of the point. THEN it will rotate according to the up value. Of course this only happens if there is no orient (or transform) attribute first. Lets gooo! Thanks everyone.
  2. These seem perfect. Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Yeah ok I guess transform before the copy is the way to go then... It makes more sense I think. Do you know of any documentation/crash course/video that dives deep into the concept of @up and @N in relation to copytopoints? All Tutorials I find just tell you what to do, but don't explain in detail what does what. Like what you said with the @N alignin with the Z axis and @up, the Y. This is the first time I read that. Thank you for that info!
  4. Hi! Yes, I could do that, but I wanted to learn how to use the pointwrangle and modify the @N or @up directly without using a transform beforehand. I'm still having trouble with the whole @up, @N and @orient thing and I feel like I should know this.
  5. Hello, I have a super simple problem, but I can't seem to figure it out. Basically, I have a two points line, with normals pointing in opposite directions. I'd like to copy something on each of he two point, but pointing in the direction of the Normal. Right now, it's perpendicular to the normal. I tried a few combinations of cross() and @N, @up, set(1.0, 0.0, 0.0), set(0.0, 1.0, 0.0) and everything in between. It rotates, but never in the correct orientation. I can't transform the input geometry (like rotate 90 degrees), only the normals/up of the line. What would be the best way to do it? Thanks! 2022-06-21_HelpNormals2.hipnc
  6. Hello, I'm trying to transfer the normals from a stretched sphere, to a spiral around it, then sweep it using the ribbon shape. It looks like the normals are transfered no problem, but then when I sweep, it doesn't look right. It's either stretched, on an weird angle, or noisy (kind of like a mountain modifier). I think the problem lies in the up direction. I tried Y axis, normal, custom attribute that is the cross between the normal and the tangentu... It always look weird, especially on the ends. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! 2022-05-27_HelpNormals.hipnc
  7. Omg I opened your file. I just need a minute to unpack what is going on in here haha! Thank you so much for taking your time to help me.
  8. Hi. I'm trying to create a procedural electric guitar tool, but I'm stuck at the neck creation. Modelling a neck in itself is not too hard, but keeping it procedural is. Or I think it is.... What needs to be procedural: Neck profile Neck length/width Headstock (fender style) UVs For the neck profile, I used the Skin SOP to bridge two curves acting as the neck profile (Nut and 12th fret). And for the headstock, I just traced it with a curve then polyextruded. It works, but now my problem is merging the neck with the headstock and/or the neck heel and make it blend seamlessly.
  9. Thank you so much for your answer! Houdini is such a beast of a software. I really want to grasp the basics before diving into more complicated stuff.
  10. So it seems like even if you create a point, it's not created until the end of your code (output of wrangle). Because if I try to access it's position in a detail wrangle, but in another one, it works. If I do it in the same node as it was created, it returns false. So if I need to move my geo, but inside my detail wrangle. Do I just end my code in detail wrangle, add a point wrangle, then add another detail wrangle? EX: I want to create geometry, then move it to (0, 0, 0) to do some trigonometry and create prims and points etc..., then move it to it's previous location. Do I have create 4 nodes? Or is there a way to do it all inside the detail wrangle? Maybe I just need to adapt my code. Thanks!
  11. Hi, my title may be confusing, but it's a noob question. I'm having trouble accessing points attributes in detail mode. I can create points easily, but when I want to access let's say it's position, it always returns 0,0,0 with the point() function. Also it seems that points created AND removed still appear in detail attributes but not in my points. I'm not sure I completely understant the logic of detail vs point(...) and it's relation/interactions. I have attahched a file containing both examples of my problem noobQuestion.hipnc
  12. Okay I found out that if I change the name, the ramp will update and work... So everytime I make a change to the spline ramp, I need to change the name of the node. If I don't, nothing happens. Is it supposed to work like that? Edit: After a little bit of troubleshooting, I found out that in order for it to work, you need to get out of the attribute VOP node, and change the ramp in that node parameters instead.
  13. Hi, I'm following this tutorial: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vops-vex-and-ramps/?collection=66 Around 22:30, he uses a ramp parameters node inside an attribute VOP. The problem ofr me, is that my ramp always returns 0. I have set it as a spline ramp (float), converted it to a vector 3 (plugging the same output in all 3 values). Also, the color of the connection is not the same as the output "circle". Edit: Well i'm an idiot. It's not the same color because the node is selected... However the other problem still persist. Here is the file: SideFX_Tutorials2.hipnc Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong? I'm using 18.5 Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone. I checked all solutions and it's exactly what i'm looking for. @Noobini Sorry, will do next time. First time here and I didn't know sharing files was the norm here. Thanks!
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