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  1. Attributes not updating in wrangle

    Hi everybody, Can anyone tell me why in a solver, if I run over points with a wrangle and I set an attribute to, for example, point 15, when I reach another point down the line and i check for the attribute value of point 15 the value is not updated? It only updates once the wrangle is completed and it moves to another node down the stream. I'm trying to move points considering other points attributes but I can't find a reliable way of doing that without having out of date attributes.
  2. Help in understanding Solver

    Hi everyone I'm kinda new to houdini and I've recently started playing with the Solver SOP, but I don't really understand how the geometry is processed inside the solver. Essentially if I try to move some points through a solver, what I see inside of it is a static mesh that moves its points but that doesn't really shifts (as if on every frame the points are set to 0 and then moved again) but if I look at the Geometry (one step above) viewport everything works as it should. Can also anyone help understand "dop import" node and how it works in the solver. Any help is appreciated. test_solver.hipnc