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  1. Turn a single faced primitive into 2 faces

    Ok so I found my solution. I tend to make things more complicated than it has to be... So what I did was tick the box that says "output back" and extruded the faces. That Simple! A Moderator can remove this if they want... Or leave it up for a fellow beginner?
  2. Turn a single faced primitive into 2 faces

    Hello everyone. As I've poly bridged my house model, I noticed each primitive only has 1 face. How can I make it so each side has its own face as it should? The Primitives I'm referring to are 635-643 (Between the ceiling and the wall) Thank you in advance to whoever can answer! Edit: I'm thinking that I could poly-extrude the edges similar to what I did with creating the walls from the grid floor (which also had 1 face per primitive). I'll update this post if it works.