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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use vellum hair, and I want to glue some separated points. And I tried to play with all Vellum glue settings but I'm not doing it right. Pls help! Project file: Vellum_hair_glue.hiplc
  2. Redshift fog

    I found this tutorial, it covers fog making using volume, maybe it will be userful for someone too:
  3. Redshift fog

    Hello, I want to make a fog, that in distance objects would disapear using Redshift render. I tried "volume and scattering" in redshift settings, but it just dont do anything for me test_fog.hiplc
  4. I try to make some leafs using copy to point node, but dont know how to set normals correctly. I use normal node, scatter some points, and when use copy to points node. But some are upside down or looking to other side. How to make so they all look up?
  5. Is it possible to get color and alpha values using attribute from map? Now it loads only Cd.r, Cd.g, Cd.b values.
  6. Dynamic strings

    Ah yes. I thought it doesn't work because the colors of the text are white.. But it works. Thanks!
  7. How to make dynamic strings? For example I want to load multiple images as attributes saved in Cd1, Cd2, Cd3, Cd4. I tried adding iteration to string but it doesn't work.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to do camera follow the path. It almost works but at the end camera decide to do a 360 degree flip How to fix this? rect_06.hiplc
  9. Hello, Something happened for my Houdini viewport after I have reinstalled 19 version. Viewport display is set to shaded, but only the contour line is displayed. Not sure did I pressed something or what.. tried to reinstal, reset Houdini settings still same issue.