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  1. Vorticity attributes lost when caching simulation?

    Hmm strange. I just recached it at a lower resolution (lower particle separation) the vorticity attributes showed up, so I thought it was just a one-off thing, so I increased the resolution again (higher particle separation), recached and the vorticity attributes DISSAPEARED again! It seems to disappear when I increase resolution for some reason. This is so frustrating.. Edit: Okay so I figured out that the vorticity attribute doesn't show up on the first frame... I wish I realised that sooner..
  2. Vorticity attributes lost when caching simulation?

    Thanks for the reply. I tried rewinding and recaching, but it doesn't seem to work still. I'll take a look at your file. Also here's my hip file as well if it helps. LiquidsII_V0.hip
  3. Hi, I'm having some trouble getting the 'Vorticity' attribute to show up in my cached sim: I've already made sure to check the 'Keep Attributes' for the fluidcompress node with 'vorticity' previously also checked 'Transfer Attributes' with 'vorticity' Also tried recaching everything again, but it still doesn't show up. Will appreciate any help I can get, thanks!