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  1. Hi all, I would like to mention that you can use stash node and then, you can edit contents directly in geometry spreadsheet. Now, I'm having a similiar problem where I need the ability to edit individual parameters of a prim. The use case is like this: I have thousands of building footprints in one node (imported as geodata from OSM) and they contain attributes from which I generate building - like height.. and would like to fine-tune imperfections (for example modifying this said height attribute individually for each building where this is needed) so that after this attribute for that particular building is modified, the building can be procedurally re-generated to reflect changes. I am unable to find solution anywhere although this seems to be a common use-case IMHO (meaning to edit subset of geometry node) so I'm trying this thread which discusses similiar things. Ideas (if houdini really doesn't have any tool to handle this): have each footprint as separate node - not possible bc I have thousands of these footprints which will result in lots of nodes (plus I'm using lot of vex to effectively calculate other stuff like occlusions with roads.. which would be extremely slow if done as separate nodes..) use stash node as mentioned above - possible but cumbersome - can only input text or number - lacking support for combo-boxes, sliders, checkboxes.. to be more user friendly - it's expected lot of people (not devs, just regular users) will work on this and adjust large amount of these prims' attributes every day) make a python shelf tool and show a pyside2 gui based on prim that's selected where I can edit these individual attributes - I did that only to found out that it isn't possible to edit geometry this way (due to permission error geometry is read-only) - thus only way to do this is using python SOP I used python SOP, added a button that references other python SOP (so that it can be run on demand bc this is plugged into procedural code) and did similiar pyside gui based on selected prim in viewport - looks like something is working but it freezes houdini in weird way (something works, something stops working), gives me Infinite recursion in evaluation error even though I cannot find any infinite loop in my code an I cannot recover from this - even if I remove affected code houdini stays frozen and I have to restart it.. - I can share code if anyone is interested but even though this looked promising, I don't know if this is the correct approach any other ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated. I love houdini bc it is much more capable than any other tool on the market but this gives me headache for weeks now.. btw I created similiar post here if you want more info/different explanation but no replies yet..
  2. Hello, I'm learning houdini and so far I'm loving it but I'm having a problem to understand a concept of manually editting something that has already been generated. I guess this could be quite a common use-case but I haven't found solution anywhere so I'm trying to seek help/guidance here: I am working on procedural generation of buildings from their footprints. To simplify, I have a geometry node in which I have a foreach loop SOP that iterates over footprints (primitives) and extrudes them based on their height attribute. Now, is it possible to select a specific footprint and change its height attribute so that this specific footprint will be extruded by different amount? What I'm trying to achieve is that user is able to select any procedurally generated building and adjust/override its default/random parameters like height, roof type, texture... and after that - this building will be re-generated reflecting these changes (while other unchanged buldings won't be regenerated to speedup this process) Does houdini provide such functionality? Or are there any best practices how to approach this problem? Thanks