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  1. How to bridge 2 NURBS grid together?

    Hi Ryan, have you tried fillet SOP ? I've attached a quick example. Cheers, Emanuele fillet_twoGrids.hipnc
  2. Particle Fluid Surface node

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is a way to specify point attributes before a particleFluidSurface node in order to control its behaviour. What I mean is: if I specify "pscale" I can control the "Point Radius Scale" inside particleFluidSurface node... (see image below where I specified pscale based on $BBX) but it seems this is the only point attribute that is read from particleFluidSurface node. Do you know if there is a way to make also "step size", "surface distance" and "filtering" driven by point attributes? Or if there is a way to control them using point() or something similar? (I tried to put $PT inside a point() expression but is not a variable that particleFluidSurface recognises) Cheers, Emanuele
  3. Fluid Simulation Shading/Rendering

    Hi, to me they look just AO... if your render looks too flat try to change max distance in your AO settings because that depends of your scene scale. Cheers, Emanuele
  4. Trail sop velocity question.

    I think so, in fact you can recreate the same result in CHOP calculating exactly that. In my scene file I just put a CHOP network and I set the derivate between the current and the next position and now at frame 10 your velocities are set to 0. Hope that helps. Cheers, Emanuele trailVelocity_CHOP.hipnc
  5. simple syntax woes..please help

    I believe after your message you found the reason of your error.... if you haven't yet... try to put '../copy1' instead of '..\copy1' Cheers, Emanuele
  6. fluid smoke dissipation?

    Hi, you could connect a gasDissipate node to the fourth input of your smokesolver and set the evaporationRate parameter to something like 0.9 Cheers, Emanuele
  7. Texture on traced image projected on plane

    HI, you wrote that you have lots of issues but because we don't have the file you are trying to trace... we can't really help you... Could you be more specific or upload a new hip file with your "for_trace.png" in it? Cheers, Emanuele
  8. Kill particle if born from same point as previous particle

    I thought my solution was totally procedural, even with substeps... Am I wrong? Anyway, the SOP Solver solution from anim works great.
  9. Kill particle if born from same point as previous particle

    If you want to kill the duplicates after they are born... here you can find a Python expression solution: test_python.hip Other solutions, even faster, could be to delete those particles inside your POP network or exclude the points that have already generated particles before entering in POP. Cheers, Emanuele
  10. Another Python Question

    Hi, you could do this: node = hou.node( '/obj/geo1/cache1' ) #point at your cache node node.parm('clear').pressButton() #and call its onPressedButton function if you put these lines in a function, you can do a callback to this function from the button you have created in your UI Cheers, Emanuele
  11. soft bodies

    Hi, I did a quick test starting from your scene and one thing you can do is to transform sphere and torus to ClothObjects and using a clothSolver make them interact each other... but I'm not sure that's what you were after. Cheers, Emanuele
  12. power generation plant

    I like it !!!
  13. groups pieces from points

    Hi Christos, I had a look to your scene and I believe your problem is that you don't have a source DOP in your flow. Click on "Source from Volume" inside the Volume Fluids shelf, then select geo_for_smoke OBJ and press enter, then select the smoke container in your view and press enter again. Now you have a source DOP in your flow and you should see your smoke been emitted from the volume you just created with the isooffset in the geo_for_smoke node. Cheers, Emanuele