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  1. How to use vellum with falloffs?

    Thanks this works perfectly!
  2. How to use vellum with falloffs?

    Hello, I am trying to activate my vellum sim only where the falloff is located, in my scene I am using mops but I am not sure how could I achieve this. Any help is appreciated.
  3. ohhhh, now I feel dumb... Thanks though!
  4. Hello, I am scattering points onto a grid and I am using a noise to displace it, but I only want to move the points vertically. How would I achieve that?
  5. Thanks! It is exactly what I was looking for
  6. Hello, I have a sphere where I am scattering points in the middle of each primitive, but the final output has the made all the cubes face in one direction. this is the desired outcome I want, but all the points here are scattered on each point but not on each primitive. Any help?