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  1. Hello, I have a tube, I want to animate the radius scale. So that it expands and shrinks randomly. I want it to look like it's being animated by a noise. My problem is that I don't know how access the radscale in the tube geo. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a scene where I am inflating spheres randomly and I noticed this behavior that keeps bothering me. I noticed that my spheres keeps spinning one direction after inflation. So I did a simple test, and they keep still keep spinning depending on the spheres axis. In the scene below, all I did was turn off gravity and changed rest length scale to 2. I don't know how to stop this, I just need them inflate and float. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. How to recreate this effect?

    Thanks, how would I go about animating the points going up and down?
  4. Hello, I made this effect in Blender and wondered how would I recreate it in houdini, it's so that I can control how many segments I need without manually adjusting each one to avoid clipping. test1.mp4
  5. How to trigger vellum sim using noise?

    I followed this tutorial from John Lynch on the Houdini channel where he attached a null the the noise at sop level. Then he referenced it in the vellum solver using a vellum constraint property, then added some vex float scale = fit01(rand(@primnum),0.25, 0.65); int pt = primpoints(0, @primnum)[0]; float amount = point(2, "amount", pt); restscale = amount; After following it all the points in my scene only shrinks :/ tube.hip
  6. How to trigger vellum sim using noise?

    Thanks, I tried fiddling with your example and it is a bit too advanced for me. Which part of your set up is using noise to animate vellum? I have a setup where I have noise animating on scattered points. My idea was to use the values given by the noise to decided whether my vellum should inflate or deflate. My logic was, if noisevalue <0.2 {inflate} else if noisevalue > 0.8 {deflate} but I don't know where to start. I have been approaching it at dops level and I am not sure if that is correct.
  7. Hello, I have scattered spheres inside a tube and I want to use a noise to trigger them inflating and deflating. I followed this tutorial but I couldn't get it to work. Is there a different method on how to achieve this? Thanks! tube.hip
  8. How to create Radial Gradient on Grid?

    Thanks, exactly what I needed.
  9. Hello, I need to create a radial gradient on a gird, my idea was to use a addpoint, to add a point at the center of the grid. Then connect it to a point wrangle and calculate the distance between it to the other points. Although, I am not sure on how to execute this idea. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I have a pig head which I have sliced and packed, I am trying to randomize the color of each chunk by using a attribute random on the Cd, and a color node with a ramp from attribute after. The problem is that the color node doesn't assign the new colors to each chunk of the pighead, it mostly "overlays" it. Thanks! frac.hip
  11. How to combine vellum and rigid body?

    Hello, I have a scene where I have a bunch of USB cables swaying in the wind, naturally only the cables bend, fold and sway, not the USB head themselves. So I was wondering if it was possible to have the USB heads be rigid bodies, so that they still interact with everything while retaining its shape. Thanks! vellum.hip
  12. Hello, I am trying to extrude faces of a mesh depending on it's prim number, I tried to do it in the "Group" parameter, but it's not working. Any help is appreciated!
  13. How do I add collision to a popnet?

    Thanks! Really appreciate all the help. Also, How did you manage to solve the normal/shading issue?
  14. How do I add collision to a popnet?

    Thanks man! I really enjoyed looking through your edits. Especially how you used a delete node to control the birth rate. I never knew you could do that. I couldn't figure out how to preserve the popcolor, so I used a mops falloff to control it, less dynamic than controlling the age but seems to get the job done. I also managed to figure out how to fuse the ends of the circle, by adding a fuse after the resample node. I also noticed some weird shading issues, not sure how to fix that yet.
  15. How do I add collision to a popnet?

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