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  1. FLIP simulation problem

    Hey, I think I have the same issue. I want to achieve a similar animation as in the Sabaton video (Bismarck) when the ships comes out of the dust, but as you see the water is already inside the ship and from there threw the deck on it, causing the ship to sink I guess. I am no expert in this but I need to solve it somehow. Playing around with the nodes for days. I use the Ocean Flat Tank Tool.
  2. Flat Tank Ocean Issues

    Maybe this helps you to help me: I reduced particle separation a lot so there are many particles. The ocean is very blocky and some of the blue boxes and spheres remain... Edit: When I change "Droplet Scale" in particlefluidsurface1 inside the flattank_fluid node they disappear. maybe this could be a reason?
  3. Flat Tank Ocean Issues

    Okay I fixed the issue with the X-translated ocean. It was a object error. Still the animation of the ocean is causing the ship "to sink". I mean, water is moving over the hull for some reason Any ideas? It looks like if the ship is moving down the Y-Axis during the animation but this is not true. Or the ocean is moving up... Or the ship is really sinking... Edit: When the ship moves forward white vertices are moving threw the ship hull. I guess they should be blocked so anything I can do about this?
  4. Flat Tank Ocean Issues

    Hey I have some issues with my scene. As you can see in the image, the ocean looks strange. Also there are a lot of tiles repeating again and again, also inside the Non-Region. In this render the wave high is okay. But in other stuff it is not. You can see this here: Not only that the wave is too high (I do not find where the change this or I do not have a result inside the viewport idk), it looks like the water goes threw the ship hull, which would look weird. Any ideas on how to fix this? Edit: I also have the issue that the ocean flat tanked created the water not in the central where the ship is. I tried to fix this but nothing really work. Honestly I do not know the reason why it went this way anyway. I think Houdini is a very powerful software, but I am new to it. As always it will take some time to learn but helping me with this would really help
  5. Just some beginner issues [SOLVED]

    Think i fixed some issues. An other workaround is working and the flat ocean tank is following the ship now (in its own way^^)... I also found out that the only thing I cant save on disk (as he does in his tutorial, see first post) is the "bake_spectra" inside the "flattank_fluid_extended" node. Guess this thread is solved with this. I will post other issues in a ocean related topic instead if necessary.
  6. Hey I am a total beginner in Houdini and I am using the Houdini Apprentice edition for learning. My Background? I am a 3d Artist, currently Art Director at Node Collective (you dont know that now^^) I am working on my private battleship for some time now and want to see it in a good but short animation I want to do in Houdini. For now I use a ship I got from an other source, but I will replace it when my model is ready some day. Both the placeholder model and my own ship model will be delivered in .fbx format. I tried to follow an tutorial Youtube Link about bringing a ship into water in Houdini but I wasnt able to follow all steps. I do not know if the Apprentice edition is the reason. In addition I found some stuff is not working. My goal is a similar video as in the Sabaton - Bismarck music video in the moment the ship appears out of the fog. 1.) When I load in the ocean flat tank (this is the feature the tutor uses in his video tutorial) I got the error message 'None Type' object is not iterable. I think the problem here is the imported .fbx file. When I google this problem someone says I need to add a "Surface Collider from the Solid shelf menu" but when I drag and drop it on my ship inside the viewport nothing happens. The problem remains. 2.) I can't save all the stuff on disk as the tutor in the tutorial does. Mostly it works but sometimes just nothing happens when I try to click on "Save on Disk" (in this case: "bake_spectra" inside the "flattank_fluid_extended" node. 3.) In the animation the ship affects the water (7:03) but my one does not. I think the reason is that my ocean flat tank isn't related to the ship/fbx-object (See number 1). I also think I got a too small ocean, I just reduced it to get a better rendering speed. 4.) I get the error message: "Bad parameter reference: "enableDispMap" in parameter /mat/uniformvolume/vm_displacebound/floatdef". I read in an other forum about a workaround but I cant copy this as I do not have the entry in the tree list. This is all I did for now, I want to fix this stuff first. My render result is different to his one, as I just got a small square of ocean, while the ocean in the viewer looks different (Yes i used 'G'). I hope someone can help me with my issues Kind Regards Toby Edit: Here is a image of my current project: