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  1. vdb import into maya looks weird

    Please could you explain me how to do that?
  2. vdb import into maya looks weird

    Could you explain me how i have to do it to have the same result in houdini and maya, they look really different i mean the color doesn't match either, and please could you tell me how to use density as a mask for temperature and in what package is this done? Thanks!
  3. vdb import into maya looks weird

  4. Hi, I'm new to houdini and i'm trying to get a pyro sim from houdini into maya using the vdb import with arnold. It has worked until i see it in the arnold renderview, i don't know whats happening, ( look at the image ) i only want the flame but i'm getting this grey cube around it and i don't want it. I'll really appreciate any help! Thanks! Marc
  5. Help creating a rocket propulsion simulation

    Hi, I understand your concern and i'm sorry if it seemed like i'm trying to get a profit from other peoples job. I'm trying to create this shot just for me, it's not anything paid, i'm a selftought student and i'm doing this scene because it's the first time i would export something from houdini into maya, basicly learn the process and workflow between houdini maya and nuke and get a cool shot in the end. To be clear, I was asking for a collaboration ( FREE ) just someone who could create a little simulation to give the shot some realism, as I said i wanned it because i wanna learn the workflow between houdini, maya and nuke and i don't wanna spend the time on the sim part since i'm focusing on other things. Sorry for the missunderstanding and thanks for your time. Marc
  6. Help creating a rocket propulsion simulation

    Hi, it looks awesome, my problem though is that i don't know how to use houdini so i have a really hard time doing this kind of thing, that's why I asked if someone could do it for me. could you send me the file? maybe add some smoke to it? Thanks for your time! Marc
  7. Hi, I'm doing this shot where a rocket appears going up, I've tried doing it myself but i've gotten really bad results that look nothing like I wanted and since i'm not a houdini artist ( i'm a vfx compositor and generalist ) i thought maybe someone who knows how to do it would wanna collaborate in the shot. I've attached a file to this post wich contains the necessary files to do the scene and explanation of what I want. I'll be really thankful to everyone who helps Thanks to everyone! Marc SCN_FILES.zip
  8. Pyro sim with moving emitter

    Hey, so, since no one has responded yet, i'm starting to think this is something that shouldn't happen, can anybody confirm? Thanks in advance!
  9. Pyro sim with moving emitter

    Hi all, I'm kinda new to houdini and i'm doing an animated pyro flame sim and when my emitter moves the fire doesn't follow the emitter, it looks like the emitter keeps working but the smoke and fire can't generate, i've attached photos so you can take a look, if you know how I can get this working i'll really appreciate a response. By the way my emitter is a torus, that's why the shape in suspension is a circle. Thanks!