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  1. Help: Instancer and Label

    find the solution reading houdini to unreal docs.
  2. Help: Instancer and Label

    is this normal of creating hda that you have (Mesh Instancer) + Main_Geo on the bottom? 1. Is there a way to just hide or delete the Main_Geo. 2. Is there a way to be able to changed the label of (Mesh Instancer) to your custom Label? Regards
  3. so it means your saying it's not possible? I think I have watch this somewhere that the author copy a path from unreal engine and paste it inside houdini, I maybe wrong.
  4. Help: Isolate Corner base on the Normal Direction

    Thank you, just what I'm looking for also I tried to use measure and curvature and blast off the corner at 1.5708.
  5. I follow a tutorial on Youtube how to create the digital asset but every time I start doing it this always gives me this warning that I'm really confuse why it's always there. what is that warning trying to explain. have a nice day and thank you
  6. Help: Isolate Corner base on the Normal Direction

    I'm sorry I am really new to Houdini, so what is with the neighbourcount function thank you for the help.
  7. how can I select the very corner points base on their normal direction? I'd like to know the different way of how to this I've attach the file, ps. I'm new to Houdini. normaldirection.hipnc
  8. I've been following a lesson in Udemy called Procedural House in Houdini. When I reach the Sec 3 Chapter 7 and following the instructor I got this error a constant error that never goes away even after reinstalling the houdini, reinstall my nvidia driver, update windows to 20H2 it's still happening, I'm currently stack at the chapter because of this I've been constantly opening and redoing this for over 3 hours exactly and decided to post it now I'm sorry if this is a first and it's a problem. Regards error.mp4