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  1. ended up solving this with a simple if statement:
  2. Hiya, So, I have a simple HDA with an int parameter I created called weldSeamsID, and an imported Houdini Engine attrib called hemax_matid. What I'm trying to do is take that parameter, and reference it in a group SOP based on the hemax_matid attrib. Essentially, I want the Base Group to be: "@hemax_matid" EQUALS "whatever the weldSeamsID parameter is set to." I tried linking the two together via the drag and drop under the Channels tab in the HDA, but unfortunately I cannot add any extra code to that reference without it breaking. (As far as I can tell, at least.)
  3. Hiya, Is there a way to utilize a Trace sop based on a pre-existing piece of geo's UVs and texture? For example, I have an imported UVed/textured wall, and I'd love to be able to run a trace over whatever texture is displayed on that piece of geo, with the result being the same dimensions and location. I was messing around with using external COPs, but I keep running into the roadblock where I can't figure out how to reference that original piece of geo's UVs and placement. Thank you!