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  1. Background light

    Hi, I turned off all the lights, however, there is still background light when I render the image. Why is it? Thanks!
  2. Meetup, New York

    Hi, is there any meetup for houdini user, digital creator in New York city? Anyone interested to meet and share experience?
  3. I already lower the Tetembed Min triangle scale and the enlarge offset, which reduce a lot of dragging, but still remain a little.
  4. Thanks. Another problem is that the surface affects the other when I move the joint.
  5. Thanks Hernan, it doesnt show up at bonedeform.
  6. HI, my first time to rig a human figure, and using [tetconform] & [bone capture biharmonic] nodes, but it shows error - "No tetrahedrons in reference geometry". Any ideas on how to fix it? (attached file) Thanks, Nelson Rig_figure.hiplc
  7. Hi, I am a designer who started learning Houdini half year ago. Learn from youtube and Udemy, but still have tons of questions to be solved, and I think a teacher could accelerate the learning curve. So if anyone can offer this would be helpful. Thank you! Best, Nelson
  8. Surface Flow

    Fred, It works. It did not shown at first (even disappeared), then I gave a try on the parameter by 0.001 on every change, it shown up. Good lesson. Thanks a lot! Best, Nelson *If anyone could answer my 2nd question, will be really appreciated : "After using noise on surface, when I add thickness by poly extrude, part of primitives stick out."
  9. Surface Flow

    I made a very close effect by 1) using Point from Volume and noise, but don't know how to convert the points back to polygon. 2) using noise on surface, however, when I add thickness by poly extrude, come part of polygon stick out. (See below pictures) Anyone can help? Thanks!!
  10. Surface Flow

    https://www.behance.net/gallery/92965789/Variras-Naufrage May I ask how to create this surface flow effect? Thanks!
  11. This looks much better and closer to what I am trying to achieve. Thx! Still figuring how to convert this into the liquid form.
  12. Hi Tomas, I have tried different ways to make the polygon lines into mesh (fluid surface look) after the trail node. But no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. I will try this and see how it goes. Thanks Tomas!
  14. Hi All, I have been trying to make this effect (attached pics), but not going anywhere. Could anyone help? Thanks a lot! Best, NLSN