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  1. goal effect like maya

    Ok, so in maya you find your uv's, normalize your surface, and distribute them at their starting point upon creation then travel them according to time in the runtime. Try using a creep sop or pop in houdini. (Don't have it in front of me right now) but if you could find a way to do the same thing with these it would work. So randomly distributing is pretty much the same, with a little syntax change, then in runtime, remember smoothstep is smooth in houdini, linstep is lerp. Travel them over time. Use exhelp lerp or smooth in the textport to get correct syntax. I dont' quite get how to establish to uv parameters on the creep pop. There's a parameter for primuv and I don't know how to control that. If anyone wants to offer their advice, love to hear it, thanks! Karen
  2. particle and texture problem

    Yes you can, bring your image into cops, greyscale it to your liking, or contrast it up to maybe use luminance then in the source pop, use the pic function in your birth probability field, look up the pic function in the exhelp of a textport viewer, you can birth based on different colors, luminance, saturation, quite a few things. I'm not sure but I think you'll have to move the emitter above the surface a bit for it to get the collisions to work correctly, just attach a collision pop and you should be good to go. It's almost exactly the same as texture emission in Maya, just a little different way of going about it.
  3. Happy Birthday mir!

    Happy b-day Mir! Another Libra yeah!
  4. Happy Birthday Red4Kat

    Yes and belated but from me too Katherine! I hope the cats baked you a big b-day cake! Karen
  5. Pan, Zoom, Dolly

    Don't quite know how you'd do it, probably mouse prefs, but if I were you I'd seriously consider going the other way around, set your Maya mouse prefs to Houdini's. I mean, c'mon alt lft middle to zoom? It's almost prehistoric, and how the hell are you going to hold your coffee cup in your left hand while you work?
  6. Particle Age to VOPS

    Fixorion, Edward helped me with this a while back in this thread: http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?s=62e00...1&t=588&hl=life works very well, you have to pass the life parameter into Vops. Vops doesn't know this info unless you feed it. From there you're good to go. ksmith
  7. any lost boys here?

    "I doubt that Captain Hook will be any better than Dustin Hoffman in "Hook"." Are you kidding, the new hook runs circles around Dustin Hoffman, I never could work with him as the bad guy. And with DD and "hmmm..those other guys" doing the effects I'm sure it'll kick #$%%! "Lost Girl"