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  1. The Plan

    Anyone else make any progress with btCompoundShape or glue? Care to share some tips? haha... -S-
  2. Giant Freakin Robot

    haha... thanks. That's what we were going for... (we get made fun of all the time for it)
  3. My (neonshaun's) reel

    jeeze... seems like every studio i apply to "doesn't use Houdini any more"
  4. My (neonshaun's) reel

    Thanks guys! damn... till now, I hadn't heard of duckling... just watched all the commercials on the site. Amazing stuff!! must be fun.
  5. My (neonshaun's) reel

    Heyo! About to finish up here at SCAD so I figure I should post my student reel: It can be found on my site, here: http://neonshaun.com/html/business.html Enjoy! Any comments/crits welcome. -S-
  6. Giant Freakin Robot

    done! enjoy! (the breakdown was done in houdini. haha)
  7. Giant Freakin Robot

    Does this work as an effects breakdown? Will studios frown upon this? I combined a bunch of elements to save time, and sped up parts where no new elements appear. The other half of the breakdown (bot/car passes) is being worked on by others in the group. link: http://neonshaun.com/studio/movs/effectsdown.mov
  8. Giant Freakin Robot

    Haha... I wish I could. The model is really big and clunky. The transformer was a ~100mb file referenced into another big file for all the animation and passes. It glitched out and crashed A TON. This was then exported with fbx (or sometimes obj's converted to bgeo's) into houdini. Is this how studios do it? FBX was such a headache... the only thing i could really count on it for was cameras and lights. The transformation for the bot doesn't really have a rig right now... I think bum joon made it all individually keyframed geo until it stands up... I was hoping someone would call us out on the sound effects! They were thrown in (by me... haha) the night before the project was 'due.' None of us are planning on using the sound on our reels, so it's just sorta there for now. I'm a visual effects major. BFA with 1 semester left! Thanks for all the compliments/comments guys!
  9. Giant Freakin Robot

    Title: Giant Freakin Robot This is my first student project for studio 2 at scad. It was a collaborative project involving several people, months of hard work, and plenty of challenges. Al Torres: Lighting, shaders, modeling (maya+MR) Bum Joon Kim:modeling, animation (maya) 'Neon' Shaun Galinak: Effects (houdini), supporting animation, textures Adam Flynn: Compositing (shake) Here's a low res h264 of it: http://neonshaun.com/studio/movs/gfr_web.mov A separate breakdown will be done by Monday. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. fine fur render

    You mean you want the fur to do something if it directly faces the camera? I had to deal with that a few weeks ago for some stuff... make a vop-sop that pretty much finds the facing ratio of the camera to the normals using dot-product in the guide hair geo. make it so it outputs Cd, then create an attrib based on Cd, and attribcopy that to your skin geo. You can then bring this into your cvex shader to make the fur frizz/bend/whatever based on that attribute.
  11. Eppies

    oh yeah... these renders are just of the fur layer. The palms, nose, lips, and soles of the feet weren't imported in for hair, so they will be a bit thicker.
  12. Eppies

    Well, now that this project is getting off the ground a bit more, I figure it's time to post it up. And.... its about 4am so I'm waiting for stuff to render. Eppies is a short film about a group of small creatures who discover a frisbee stuck in their tree. They take advantage of this foreign object, and play in it throughout the seasons until it gets knocked down. The story is pretty simple, but the main goal of the project is to get different departments collaborating here at SCAD, which is often difficult. We've had film students shoot the plates, animators beginning to animate, we have a dedicated rigger, someone doing muscle systems AND supervising... motion graphics kids working on credits... etc I'm in charge of the fur for the characters. When the project started, we were only able to use houdini 9.1. So I had to make my own fur tools/setup. As the fur progressed, I found myself able to incorporate many of the suggestions people had into the system. Anyways, enough talk... Here's where the fur is at right now: http://neonshaun.com/studio/movs/rest.mov http://neonshaun.com/studio/movs/rest1.mov Those are with rough animation/rig tests and no muscle structure. The fur is freaking out at some points with the dynamics... that's what I'm working on fixing right now, as well as retouching parts that need more density. I have it set up so the fur bends and frizzes if it faces the camera, which helped in lowering the overall density, but I think I still need to increase it (especially around his nose and tail) I have 2 variations so far... we're aiming for ~20 individual characters. But I know people here have done professional work with fur... any suggestions so far?