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  1. Point normals with Vertex normals

    I managed to work around this. My fix was to use vertex normals for the generated geometry and covert the @N to @orient before merging the instancing point with the geo. The Vex for the wrangle looks like: matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); @orient = quaternion(m); Which came from the article on here Convert_N_and_Up_to_Orient
  2. Point normals with Vertex normals

    Hi. I'm trying to get my head around requiring both point normals with vertex normals in a HDA. I'd like to have vertex normals so I can get some sharp edges on geometry created in Houdini but also need to use point normals so I can orientate instances correctly. When I combine the two, the latter of the merge takes priority and I look the normal information (E.g. merging the point normals then the vertex normals, causes a loss of the point normals). Is there a way round this? can the instancing use another attribute on the points to set the rotation of the instances correctly?
  3. Hi. I'm making a tool that uses alot of instancing to assemble a level in Unity. I've come up against some issues with the way Houdini engine overrides lots of properties on each instance that you may not want. You can control a few overrides via the Unity attributes but lots of other attributes will also be overridden. Instead I found it better to revert all the overrides that occur with the instancing so that each prefab can be set correctly upfront. To do this I attach a script via the Unity script attribute which looks a bit like this: private void GetInstancedOverrides() { InstancedObjs.Clear(); foreach (var childTransform in GetComponentsInChildren<Transform>()) { if (childTransform.gameObject.name.Contains("Instance")) { InstancedObjs.Add(childTransform); } } FixedInstancedOverrides(); } private void FixedInstancedOverrides() { foreach (var childTransform in InstancedObjs) { #if UNITY_EDITOR PrefabUtility.RevertPrefabInstance(childTransform.gameObject, InteractionMode.UserAction); #endif } Debug.Log("Fixup fired"); } The issue is this fires to early and breaks rebuilds or recooking of the HDA. i used editor coroutines to delay running these functions which does work but I wanted to ask if there was a good way to latch onto the event of the HDA to say the cook or rebuild had finished?
  4. Hi Philip I'm having some similar issues with combining geo and points for instancing that I'm about to post about. Are you able to share a simplified Hip file of what you created or some more details of what's occurring in the attribdelete7 node?