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  1. mantra error "command exit code 11"

    Well I had this same problem yesterday. Taking Geo time samples back to 1 seemed to have fixed it. (I was using a value of 2) It might well be something else in you case.
  2. HOT Displace artifacts

    Hey Igor! Thanks for confirming this. Yes I noticed it too. But wasn't it documented in the help docs that PBR might give artefacts when displacing geo but micro poly should be better?? (which is why I also tried micro poly pbr but thats also screwed up). I'm quite confused with this. Edit: If the displacements are getting clipped shouldn't the alpha be 0 in those areas? For me the alpha looks ok..just the colour is black.
  3. HOT Displace artifacts

    ^BUMP wouldn't do it if it wasn't quite necessary.. can anyone have a peak and confirm if they are getting the same problems? The usual ways of using bound properties are not working for me.. (unless I'm missing something) Thanks, Bhavesh.
  4. HOT Displace artifacts

    I know this has been covered here but somehow displacement bound settings on both the geometry and the shader are not working for me. I have attached the file. The shading quality does make a difference though but I cant see any changes when I increase the Displace Bounds on the Geometry SOP and/or the shader. Thanks, Bhavesh. ocean_render_artifact.hip
  5. HDK plugin and external library

    nevermind..fixed it.
  6. HDK plugin and external library

    I'm facing same issues here.. I have my so files in my home directory's houdini12.1/dso but houdini cant see it while loading. I compiled the default SOP_Flatten(in the same location as the other files) which houdini does pick up while loading. I'm linking to external libs as well.
  7. if your looking up the nearest neighbour within the input point cloud then using 1 as max num of points will always return the original point. so you need to query 2 max points. if you need to check nearest point in another point cloud or collection of points then setting it to 1 will work.
  8. Autodesk aquires Naiad

    With the price cuts in Houdini Licences, I think a lot of shops (most of the biggies have already been using Houdini for a long time now) will start using Houdini which is always a good sign Also there are relatively a large number of learning resources available for it (as compared to before i.e.) What's worth noting though is the fact that Naiad brought along/forced a lot of development work in other packages as well. I never thought we would ever see an update on Realflow etc. Perfect time for Houdini to introduce more innovations.
  9. Dreamworks releases OpenVDB

    which version of gcc did you build it on? edit: maybe I will have to include -lrt as Edward pointed out..it looks like gcc4.6 is a bit more picky about these things..
  10. Dreamworks releases OpenVDB

    I too get the same error.. did you mail them about it? they've mentioned that the support for other platform will be coming soon. edit: will give that a try and check if it works. has anyone else successfully compiled this on Ubuntu 12.04? (gcc 4.6)
  11. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    thats the funny thing about it.. eloop(Drew) did an implementation of HOT for houdini, johner prototyped a dynamic fracturing tool and shared it with the whole community which has been great learning resource as well for all of us. Its not bad for the people to sell their ideas but sharing the knowledge has grown this community from just a bunch of Houdini tds (few years back) to a relatively larger number of tds at the moment. why change now?
  12. From the journal: Has anyone given it a whirl?
  13. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    @macha and @petz: Exactly my thoughts.. the whole philosophy of openness and sharing might diminish as a result of this. its been one day since its official announcement and its already stirring up an otherwise very patient and giving community of Houdini artists. I personally think we were better off with just an exchange and houdini integrating OpenVDB was a better news than this. I remember there had been an active debate about this on sesi (or odforce forums??) and I'm quite surprised this has been put into action.
  14. Dreamworks releases OpenVDB

    so we have more good news from sesi then?
  15. Random link of interest

    yes..its mentioned on the openvdb website that it will be fully integrated in the next release of Houdini.. thats amazing news indeed