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  1. Voronoi Fracture Create Artifacts with Concave Geometry

    Thank you very much ! I searched a bit for where the problem was coming from, and it was indeed stemming from the base geometry. It was created using a C4D boolean, which doesn't automatically stitch together adjacent edges. I modified it, and now it works just fine. Out of curiosity, if I wanted to close the hole by stitching together adjacent unshared edges, is there a node that can do that inside of Houdini ?
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm having issues with the voronoi fracture on concave geometry. I'm trying to fracture a pillar which was created in C4D. To do so, I create a VDB and scatter points in it, then I use the Voronoi Fracture SOP on the base geometry. It works quite well overall, however on some curved concave areas the voronoi fracture fills the area, which I would like to avoid. I attached images to the post; on the second picture the darker parts of the fracture fill the hollow space. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ? Thanks ! PS I have not attached the .hip file since it's based on a heavy alembic file, but I can do so if necessary.