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  1. vellum cloth problem

    hi , thanks for the reply, what i did was , i increased my edge length scale bcz i am working on car reveal thing, but my cloth was sticking up with the car , so i increased the edge lenght scale, okk i resolved it, but do u know how to make the cloth non stickable with the object and its too stretchy, i dont want any stretchness in it, i almost tweaked every parameter to get rid of it, but nothing worked for me , this is my hip file , also want to hide my grid plane, so that i can add plane in my another 3d package, like in 3dsmax boxrevealcloth.hip
  2. vellum cloth problem

    hi, i was doing r&d on vellum cloth sim, but found something strange that, cloth is reacting earlier with its collision object why is it so ? can anyone help me out!
  3. vellum cloth

    hi, i am just playing with vellum, i made this, u can see the hip file, but i want to reveal my car what to do, yesterday i animated camera it working smooth, but now looks like my scrpit is too heavy may be, can anyone help me out in both the things. 1. want to reveal my car 2. camera looks like too slow bcz of the heavy scripting? cloth.hip
  4. Crashing

    Ok thanku soo much, can i write again in this chat, to ask questions?
  5. Crashing

    ok, thanku soo much, this really helped me alot, https://imgur.com/a/31yqRF8 https://imgur.com/a/RhmdWaa i made this btw, hope gonna learn soon about everything, which is not just productive but efficient too r u on discord? thanks
  6. Crashing

    thanks for the help sir, i used two fractures bcz, i was kinda faking debris with vornoi and with boolean i was extracting big chunks of building from it, but i see the file u sent me, that looks like breaking uniformly, i am not getting a little debris type stuff, i think there is other way of making layers things stuff , like debris,dust smoke right?, i didnt get for each begin and end, can i get any tutorials about all the basics out there or i need to read it on side fx, and how its playing too smoothly? this is my first experience with smooth playback, i dont know, how to do that, and for cache i just need to put dop import and file cache, and need to do what , need to select something in file cache? i am a noob
  7. Crashing

    if that wont work, here is the fbx buildings fbx.fbx
  8. Crashing

    thanks for the tip, there u go sir, buildbreaking.hip
  9. Crashing

    i am saving it in output node, save to disk option, then i use file node and use read but nothing works well, sometimes i use plaback button on dop network to see, but thats not fast , so should i use file cahe? and how to use that, and i have a hip file i am getting one more problem, i added two fractures in this building one is vornoi and other boolean, and want them to work together but whats happening i merged them, and make it one and did a sim in dop, and vornoi and bollean is working , but the building that wasnt fractured in boolean still stands whereas i put vornoi there to crack them, but thats working like two layers, this is my hip file buildbreaking.hip
  10. Crashing

    hi, my houdini is crashing as i am doing this scene, i just low it down to 40 frames bcz earlier it was crashing after 40, moreover i have cached it and when i read it in file node and play it starts recalculating again and when it comes to 36 it gets crashed? can anyone help me out in this?i am beginner in houdini my pc specs: 16gb ram amd ryzen5 2600 2tbhdd+ 256gb ssd 1060 gpu
  11. importing abc files

    i tried that, but nothing happened but then i export that buildings in fbx from 3ds max , and then imported thoses to houdini whcih worked! but why abc isnt working , as sometimes we want abc to work with
  12. collide animated objects

    yes, i know that, ok i have a question, i made basic building model in 3dsmax, and imported them in houdini "(abcformat), but when i select my one building with the select tool, its selecting it whole as a one, as i want to make grouping for destruction and want to select its primitives!
  13. importing abc files

    hi, i have just created some basic building models in 3dsmax, and i imported those in houdini, but what happened is i am not able to select primitives as when i click on one building, select tool selects it as a whole ? need help
  14. collide animated objects

    hello, i am beginner to houdini i want to animate one object to hit with the ground without simualtion , how that would be possible ! thanks