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  1. first of all i want to thank every one had replied on my last topic,u are really helpfull ,but... i began with photoshop to learn the basic of 2d then i have started with 3dsmax to learn 3d graphics..i faced some problems while i tried to learn some of them i solved and alot of them i couldn't.. but i am keeping on to try and i will do it coz i like to be good in graphics... i need some help in basic knowlege...what the difference between ( patch, nurbs,meshs ) coz i couldn't find the way for using them ..for example if i wish to modeling any kind of model ( cars , people , house..etc ) how i choose one of them ( patchs or meshs or nurbs ) ? i think 3dsmax has alot of modefilers for eachone and i cant find the difference (not the definitions ) and when i use one of them ( in more details which one is relastic in modilling ? and more relastic and has more effective ) thanks alot and please forgive me for my horrible english thanks alot ,,and really u are good guys
  2. i need help

    hi every body,,, i need to know which program is the best one for graphics ( maya5 , houdini , lightwave v7.5 , softimage xsi v3 , 3dstudiomax v5 ) and if any body know where i can download the full version of houdini please write sites down if u can.... thanks for helping