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  1. RBD texture problem

    Yeaaaaah! super fixed I finally put the rest position node and the bind export on the shader with Type in Vetors calling "rest". And it worked! Really appreciate everything, now I also get to understand everything much better. Thank you very very much for your help Martin Julia
  2. RBD texture problem

    Hi Martin First of all thank you so much for all your help! I tried what you told me and I can see the uvs work fine when I use the Uv set up you created. However the textures still slides and I am just not sure if its a problem with the uvs anymore... That is why I thought I had to copy the uvs at every frame. I attatched a video of the problem... I don't have any file or anything on my material. I am using the one on the screenshot. It has a rest position... Is't it supposed to make testures stick to objects? I just don't know how to solve this... In any case, thank you very much for helping me. Its very supportive!! Julia test.mov
  3. RBD texture problem

    Hi everyone I have an RBD fracture that works fine however the texture doesn't stick to the object once it fractures and moves. I tried several things such as copying the uv attribute however it still doesn't work. Any ideas of how can I make it work? Appreciate any help !!!! I attatch my file and a screenshot of my nodes many many many manyyy thanks in advance Julia frac4_foru.hipnc