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  1. Trigger Animation on Event

    Up, no one has a clue on how to do it ?
  2. Hi, I wonder if it is possible to trigger an animation on an event. Let's say I have a sphere, I simulate it falling on the ground just using a Dopnet and a ground plane as a static object. And let's say I want to play an animation each time the sphere touch the ground, like waves on some water. How can I do it ? I've heard of RBD Impact Analysis, but I can't find how to use the generated points for something like it ? Can someone help me ? And can I have an example file ? I link an example of wave that I want to trigger when the sphere touch the ground Sound_Wave_v001.hip
  3. Attribute Wrangle Variable Return

    I'm so sorry I have a last question... I finally made a code that work, but I have still the problem that when I plug my wrangle in my group range, when I put "@myAttribute", it say "Warning Local variable 'groupRangeFilter' not found." Even thought it's showing underneath on the point attribute ...
  4. Attribute Wrangle Variable Return

    Thanks ! But I can find out how to use attributes... As I said I'm not a beginner... What am I doing wrong ? How can I fix this ?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to do a Sierpinski pyramid. So I quickly made a pyramid, copied this pyramid to it's 5 outers point. At this point I thought "why not make a loop", but here comes my first problem. I needed to select only the outer points, no matter how many iterations I put. So I've made an group range. But this group range has to be updated each iterations, because the "selecttotal1" will change depending on how many point is on the geo. I've made a quick code in an attribute wrangler to retreive this value, using the repeat_end's iterations. But now I can't find a way to use my variable as a parameter for my group range. Is there a way to output a variable in an attribute wrangler so I can use it on another node as a parameter ? If so can someone explain me ? (I'm not that good in code btw so I would be kind of you to explain what does a potential code work )