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  1. Writing parameters to exr

    But is there any way of printing an "opscript /obj/AutoDopNetwork/pyrosolver1" into the metadata of the exr that allows recreating the pyrosolver's settings of the file that rendered those images. This would be really awesome.
  2. particle velocity problem.

    There is a match by attribute in the point sop that allows you to calculate velocity from id. But that is only useful to recalculate velocity if you change the particles with a lattice or noise or something like that.
  3. Boxes within box

    Here is an example cubes.hipnc
  4. shader noise on rest fields

  5. shader noise on rest fields

    It took me a while to figure this out so I'm attaching an image for whoever is trying to get this as well. The highlighted nodes where added. Also the display flag has to be on the pyrofields or what ever geometry containing the 2 restfields (check details view). Thanks again to SpencerL for the tip
  6. shader noise on rest fields

    Got it! Thanks very much!
  7. shader noise on rest fields

    Hi everybody, I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this issue. I've been trying to rest the noise on a volume fluid. The help card for the pyro solver says "that the dual rest fields create a rest2 field that is reset in a leapfrog fashion with the main rest field". I can see them in the details view. But when I render with noise there is no merge between 2 fields. It just resets the noise at frame 53 (ups shouldn't it be 50) and restarts. I've attached an example. How to merge the 2 rest fields? Or am I thinking totally wrong here? Thanks restfields.mov