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  1. Here's the scene and a screen shot. Right now it's set to metaballs. (if you right click on the user posted image and click view image you can see it) box.hipnc
  2. In the chute there is a grid that is the particle emitter. When I hit play, most of the particles properly bounce into the box, but quite a few keep going straight down (I have a 'force' set to -3 on the Y-axis for gravity). Also, once the particles stream into the box, they hit the far side, but only half of them actually it the bottom of the box. And even these bounce right through the wall they just streamed down. I'm currently using slide collision, but have tried bounce too. I'll post my scene in a bit. I've got to burn it onto a CD from my workstation.
  3. Hey guys. I'm trying to create a cornel box with a chute on the side that leads into the box. An emitter drops the particles through the chute and into the box. (Once I get the particles to react properly, I'm going to turn them into metaballs) However, I can't get the particles to work. At all. I tried the various tutorials, but still nothing. Can anyone out there help?