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  1. Hi everybody! Check out my video about RnD of framework for robust OpenCL development. In this video I describe my old developement: framework for development GPU algorithms like cloth/wire/grains/particle/fluid dynamics. It is implemented as Python code snipped with set of extension functions for control some OpenCL specific tasks. It gives opportunity to develop complex algorithms without compilation, without HDK/C++, without even closing Houdini sessions.
  2. I would start with Houdini engine for Unreal to grab some content to VR scene (in case if you are using Unreal as VR engine). I did some research with VR for Houdini (I think it is opposite what you are trying to do), now it is very alpha version:
  3. Just add // Make this a microsolver: setGasDescription(theDopDescription); after static SIM_DopDescription theDopDescription( ... (check http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_s_i_m_2_s_i_m__radial_emit_8_c-example.html)
  4. Wow. Nice to see this topic! The question on first page was about my setup. I did not see this topic before, and I just surprized why nobody noted me about this topic because I am always open to explain any of my techniques. It is just very cool research about several steps displacement for curved surfaces. I did not check current setup of Rayman, but I can suppose that it would be useful to calculate width of each step by original polygon size. Because each step means one access to pointcloud so we want to minimize that. Also I use quaternions instead of matrix because it is vector4 versus vector9 or 16 for matix
  5. Do not forget to install Command Line Tools for XCode "1) Open Xcode app. 2) Click on Xcode > Open Developer Tools > More Developers Tools. That will take you to Downloads for Apple Developers web site. Use your AppStore Id to login. 3) Download Command Line Tools for your Mac OS X version." Or find this here https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action?name=for%20Xcode
  6. Yes a lot of people are asking about english version in private messages, on the forum, in my skype but only a few people sent aplication to onlinevfx@gmail.com If you have realy plan to join a group please write to that address. When I have large group enough I will start.
  7. Now I am starting "The Art Of Destruction 2" in russian again. It will start March 16 http://www.online-vfx.ru/course-and-masters/111-the-art-of-destruction. I am sorry but there is no english version yet. It is still in planning.
  8. +1 for possibility of control time on object level
  9. Update from my course English version of "The Art Of Destruction" is coming soon I hope. If you want to participate in that course please write to onlinevfx@gmail.com or almatea@mail.ru
  10. almatea

    Hi all!

  11. Thanks! I did not upload it but now you can see the whole source code in the begin of this video. Really. % )
  12. The custom solver that I write for my course. http://vimeo.com/64463947
  13. a few little breakdowns for my course 3 places for students left
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