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  1. Starting from prman 14, it's been introduced a new re-rendering method, similar to IPR. I was doing some research on how to implement this in Houdini, but reading the Houdini journals update log, I found out that this: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Houdini 9.5.113: The renderman display driver has been modified to use a slightly newer version of the imdisplay protocol. It will not work with older versions of Houdini (i.e. prior to 9.5.113). However, without the newer driver, the mplay driver will not work correctly with prman 14.0 re-rendering technology (which is not yet supported in Houdini). I was wondering how are things now. Thaks, Fabio/
  2. Maya Fluid to Houdini

    Hi! I'm recently working on a plugin for exporting Maya fluid's voxel to Houdini. I got up to a point where it's too slow. I get all sorts of informations out of Maya, density, color, velocity, but it gets slow when I read them in Houdini. The reason is because I'm doing everything through .chan files, where I read and transfer all the attributes to points. I was thinking of exporting everything from maya as a .sim file. Now, this is a problem, cause I have no idea where to find the sim structure data. Any help? Also, would it be possible for me to use any of the HOM modules to write a bgeo format? Thanks, Fabio/
  3. Hallo! I would like to know if there is anyway of query a specific value for a pixel from within a VOPCOP. For instance if I want to know which a value is contained in the pixel (15,50). Thanks. Fabio.
  4. Releases

    I've only tried with 2.73sp1. But I'm not sure if the error happens before or after it tries to do anything with the libraries. I even tried deleting the 'libBulletDynamics.a', 'libBulletCollision.a', and 'libLinearMath.a' files and I still got the same error.
  5. Releases

    Hi! I'm trying to compile the Bullet Physics RBD Solver DOP without any good results... I keep getting this error message: root@mont-workstudy-rh:~/Desktop/SIM_SolverBullet-0.11/src# ./compile_example.sh Making debug version Install directory = '.' Linking with 'libBulletDynamics' Linking with 'libBulletCollision' Linking with 'libLinearMath' Making SIM_SolverBullet.o and ./SIM_SolverBullet.so from SIM_SolverBullet.cpp In file included from SIM_SolverBullet.cpp:9: ../../bullet-current/src/BulletCollision/Gimpact/btGImpactShape.h: In copy constructor