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  1. How to render pyro in RedShift?

    Thank you! I haven't know that only Contribution Kale is related to Volume. I have learned some new things from you. Thank you so much!
  2. How to render pyro in RedShift?

    Thank you so much! I could render pyro by adjusting the contributing Scale. By the way what is contributing Scale?
  3. Hi, I'm new to houdini. I'm trying to rendering pyro in RedShift. I'm using Houdini 18.0 and RedShift 3.0.32. I prepared rslightdome and rslight and applied rs_volume to pyro_import1(geometry). However I've got anything but very dark. I am not sure what I am doing... The only suspicious part is Volume parameters in Redshift OBJ. There was Volume Enable Toggle in Volume parameters in tutorials I've watched. Is this due to a difference in versions? Can anyone help me figuring out what is wrong? Thank you