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  1. @Librarian No, the motion from the second simulation is correct. Only the transform pieces in the end doesn't work
  2. I stumbled over a problem with the transform pieces SOP when i use a timeshift between two simulations. In my setup i simulate the pieces with a rigidbodysolver, extract the points with dopimport, transfer the pieces onto those points and simulate over the pieces again. And the final step is a transform pieces. This works fine, as long as there is no timeshift between the two simulations. When i introduce a timeshift, the transform pieces SOP places the pieces nowhere near the extracted points. nested-sim-timeshift-2.hipnc
  3. How can i use displacement textures together with RBD fracture or voronoi fracture without creating ugly edges? I tried both the "connect inside edges" and "cusp edges" settings of the Assemble SOP but without much success. I also tried to limit the displacement to the inside group only. My goal is to have two different textures for the inside and the outside group. I guess that's really easy and i just overlook something. For clarification: I have a uvunwrap SOP of the original mesh before fracturing and a second unwrap for the inside pieces only.
  4. Pin to hair with fixed rotation

    Hi, i'm currently in the process of wrapping my head around vellum. I thought i made good progress when this small problem arose. How can i attach something to the tipp of hair without it dangling around during the simulation. Instead of the ball dangling down it should stay oriented tangential to the last segment of the hair (like an antenna). I tried different constraints (weld, stitch, glue) as well as multiple constraint points instead of a single one. What would be the propper way to do this? weld-to-hair.hiplc