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  1. #File Included Hello i face Simple Issue Related to "connectadjacentpieces" Node i'm watching a training , imagine i have two boxes the guy who teaches going to give each boxes unique string using attribwrangle and in the next step he going to merge them and connect them to "connectadjacentpieces" node" and set it on "adjacent prices from surface points" then he middle click on connectadjacentpieces node to see info , he have a "2 unique strings" available , but for me when i set it on "adjacent prices from surface points" it going to remove my strings "0 unique" does anyone face this issue? Problem-Adjust.hip
  2. Debris From Object Issue , Rebelway

    Hey everyone i'm currently i'm watching and learning a Rebelway Intro to Houdini FX Week 06 - Debris Src and i'm stuck middle of training sorry my english is not good i'm facing a issue thought to share it here maybe someone face same issue as me and find a solution i going to make this simple as i can 1- here i have fractured & animated box , the moving pieces of the box going to emit points i used popnet popsolver for that , and everything works fine 2- now when the pieces moving they going to emit points as you see in picture 3- but here go problem , in rebelway training the teacher going to convert the moving object to vdb polygon so he can use it as collision for points and he going to add the vdb collision to system using static object "use deforming geometry" everything works fine for him but soon as i do something like this the points go crazy - i check boundary and normals str but still facing same issue