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  1. Pyro clustering problems

    Thx, ill give it a try and let you know cheers
  2. Pyro clustering problems

    thx for replay mate, if you have the time plz check the scene, i was trying to debug the cluster that is not sourcing the volume but i couldnt find what exactly is the problem... I was experimenting with cluster box sizes but same thing, sometimes cluster capture the source sometime not... And in the all tutorials related to clustering everything is so simple and working as expected....
  3. Pyro clustering problems

    Hi people, i have an urgent problem to solve and i have searched everywhere couldnt find anything about the problem i have, so: i have an "rocket launcher" setup, simple circle as an emitter going up i did a cluster setup, and simulations starts without problem, but in some moment when the circle emitter is, lets say 3 cluster container, for some reason pyro wont source the fuel from the object, and that 3rd cluster container just dissapear??? But when the circle emitter gets to the 4th cluster it starts to emit normally??? Im not sure if im doing something wrong or what, but help would be appreciated p.s. rocket starts to go up >220frame rocket.rar
  4. Help: VS2008 / hcustom

    10x for replay, i notice that i must install vs2005, but i dont want to low down to vs2005 (if u understand) so can any1 confirm me when will houdini vs2008 ver be rls?
  5. People im loosing mu nervs here, can any1 write down how to setup VS2008 so i can compile stupid sample??? hcustom doesnt work, or im stupid, when i try to compile something im gettting error SOP_Star.C Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results so would be nice if some1 could make help for us stupid guys cheers and thx